• 《犯罪心理》:猜猜谁要恋爱了?

    We already know that Criminal Minds Season 8 will look very different, with Jeanne Tripplehorn on board as a new profiler. And now we know that changes will come on the personal front as well the professional one. Isn't that right, Erica Messer? The producer spoke to TV Guide this week and [w=confirm]confirmed[/w] a major development ahead for Matthew Gray Gubler's character of Reid: "He's gonna have a love interest," Messer says. "It will be a little [w]arc[/w] and it's gonna be good." An actress for the role has not yet been cast, but Messer teases she'll be introduced on Episode 4 and the two will bond over mutual affection for an [w]author[/w]. How will Reid possibly act when it comes to romance? He shared a kiss with Amber Heard's Lila Archer on Season 1… and that's been it when it comes to matters of Reid's heart. "I don't know much at this point, but I'm [w]dubious[/w] about all of this," says the newly-signed Gubler. "Could you imagine Reid dating? I'm curious to see where this goes. He doesn't know how to date!" Criminal Minds returns with new episodes on September 26. 沪江娱乐快讯:我们已经知道由珍妮-特里普里霍恩(Jeanne Tripplehorn)扮演新侧写员的《犯罪心理》(Criminal Minds)第八季将会很不一样。现在我们又得到消息,变化不仅发生在专业问题上,也发生在个人问题方面。这说法对吗,艾丽卡-梅塞尔(Erica Messer,该剧执行制片人)? 这位制片人本周接受《电视指南》采访时爆料,由马修-格雷-古伯勒(Matthew Gray Gubler)扮演的里德将会面临一个重大的剧情进展。“他将对某人怀有爱慕之情,”梅塞尔说,“会有点儿曲折,但前途光明.”这位角色的演员尚未决定,但梅塞尔说她将会在第四集出现,她和里德将会因为对同一作位家的喜爱而碰撞出火花。 当里德这位天才遇到爱情,他会怎样表现?在第一季里他与艾梅柏-希尔德(Amber Heard)扮演的莱拉-阿彻(Lila Archer)接过吻…在里德的感情问题上,这大概就是极限了。"对这件事我知道的不多,但是我对此持怀疑态度,”刚签下合约的古伯勒说。“你能想象里德约会是什么样子么?我对情节会怎么发展挺感兴趣。他完全不知道该怎么约会!” 《犯罪心理》新一季将在9月26日回归。

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  • 《犯罪心理》:“霍奇”托马斯-吉布森将执导!

    Huge treat for Criminal Minds fans: EW has learned star Thomas Gibson will soon be stepping behind the camera for an episode in the show’s upcoming eighth season. This will mark the first time Gibson has sat in the director’s chair on the CBS drama, but not his first time playing director. He previously helmed two episodes of Dharma & Greg, a show on which he starred [w]opposite[/w] Jenna Elfman. “Really looking forward to finally telling everyone what to do,” Gibson tells EW. “Riding crop, monocle and bullhorn at the ready…! Just kidding, honestly I really look forward to flexing my artistic muscles on the set and I’m so [w]grateful[/w] for this amazing opportunity. ” The episode, written by CM producer/scribe Rick Dunkle, will likely be a juicy one for Gibson’s character Hotch, too. Executive producer Erica Messer tells EW that Hotch’s brother (Eric Johnson), who was last season in season 1, is set to appear in the episode. “It’s about time we go there again,” she says. Gibson joins co-star Matthew Gray Gubler on the list of CM cast members who have taken a shot at directing. Gubler has directed three episodes. Criminal Minds returns Sept. 26 on CBS. 《犯罪心理》(Criminal Minds)的粉丝们有福了!《娱乐周刊》得到消息,在剧中扮演霍奇(Hotch)的男星托马斯-吉布森(Thomas Gibson)将会来到镜头之后,执导即将播出的第八季中的一集! 这是吉布森第一次在这部CBS电视剧中坐上导演的位置,但这却不是他的导演处女作。他之前就曾执导过两集《达尔玛和格里格》(Dharma & Greg),他在这部剧中和珍娜-艾夫曼(Jenna Elfman)出演对手戏。 “望穿秋水啊,终于能够指挥所有人干

  • 《犯罪心理》S08E07插曲《Keep Holding On》:卖唱女之死

    要你在身边我就会奋斗[/cn] [en]and defend i'll fight and defend[/en][cn]起来守护自己,战斗,守护[/cn] [en]yeah yeah.[/en][cn]耶,耶[/cn] [en]Keep holding on[/en][cn]坚持下去[/cn] [en]'cause you know we'll make it through,[/en][cn]我们定会撑过难关[/cn] [en]we'll make it through[/en][cn]撑过难关[/cn] [en]just stay strong[/en][cn]保持坚强[/cn] [en]cause you know i'm here for you, i'm here for you[/en][cn]因为我也陪着你,陪着你[/cn] [en]theres nothing you can say, nothing you can do[/en][cn]没有什么一定要说,没有别的事一定要做[/cn] [en]theres no other way when it comes to the truth[/en][cn]面对真理,没有他法[/cn] [en]so keep holding on[/en][cn]所以,坚持下去[/cn] [en]cause you know we'll make it through,[/en][cn]我们定会撑过难关[/cn] [en]we'll make it through.[/en][cn]撑过难关[/cn] [en]Hear me when i say, when i say[/en][cn]记得我我曾说过[/cn] [en]i believe nothings gonna change,[/en][cn]不相信我会改变[/cn] [en]nothings gonna change destiny[/en][cn]因为谁都无法命运[/cn] [en]what ever is ment to be[/en][cn]命中注定的事[/cn] [en]will work out perfectly[/en][cn]定是完美安

  • 《绯闻女孩》大结局了 Georgina去客串《犯罪心理》

    点了。[/cn] [en]The show, currently in its eighth season, has booked Trachtenberg for an upcoming episode. Bonus scoop: I’m told this episode will prominently feature Reid’s new love interest. (And no, it’s not Trachtenberg!)[/en][cn]《犯罪心理》第八季正在热播,剧组已经确认Michelle将会来客串。据说这一集Reid的新爱人就会很明显可以看出是谁喽。[/cn] [en]She will appear in episode 12, which is slated to air early 2013.[/en][cn]她将会出现在本季的第12集,这一集将犯罪心理会在2013年的早些时候播出。[/cn] [en]Trachtenberg can currently be seen on Gossip Girl, where she is helping the Upper East Side gang close out their final season.[/en][cn]我们现在可以在《绯闻女孩》中看到Trachtenberg的身影,她出演了《绯闻女孩》的最后一季。[/cn]

  • 《犯罪心理》S01E18插曲Hollywood Swinging: Ried的初吻

    还记得《犯罪心理》中Ried的初吻给了谁吗?在第一季的第18集中,刚开始,Ried和Gedion一起出现在一个美术馆里,遇到了一个电视明星Lila,这时放的歌曲就是这首Hollywood Swinging,Ried全然不知在这集中要被这个女明星夺走初吻了呢。 Hollywood Swinging由Kool & The Gang团体演唱,是此团体的第一首冠军R&B单曲。Kool & The Gang团体脱胎于上个世纪60年代一支爵士乐的和音团体,后来成为70年代最有影响力的Funk音乐团体,并且他们也是80年代最受欢迎的R&B组合。他们把利爵士乐的背景运犯罪心理用到Funk和灵魂乐中,形成了自己独特

  • 《犯罪心理》S01E06插曲Tears and Rain: 杀人不必用枪

    有的欢乐都是一样,它们能让我远离烦扰和哀愁。[/cn] [en]Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.[/en][cn]藏起真实的我,就像Dorian Gray。[/cn] [en]I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.[/en][cn]我听见了他们的言语,但不是为了在这里等候伤害。[/cn] [en]It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.[/en][cn]多说无益,就让眼泪和雨水来证明。[/cn] [en]How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;[/en][cn]多希望能穿越心门;[/cn] [en]Hold memory close at hand,[/en][cn]将回忆紧握手中,[/cn] [en]Help me understand the years.[/en][cn]帮我领悟过往。[/cn] [en]How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.[/en][cn]多希望能够在天堂与地狱中选择。[/cn] [en]How I wish I would save my soul.[/en][cn]选择让我的灵魂得到救赎。[/cn] [en]I'm so cold from fear.[/en][cn]而不是因恐惧而极度寒冷。[/cn] [en]I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,[/en][cn]或许已经是时候该远远的离开,让我苦中作乐,[/cn] [en]All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.[/en][cn]所犯罪心理有的欢乐都是相同的,它们能让我远离烦扰和哀愁。[/cn] [en]Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.[/en][cn]藏起真实的我,就像Dorian Gray。[/cn] [en]I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.[/en][cn]我听见了他们的言语,不是在这里等候伤害。[/cn] [en]Far, far away; find comfort in pain.[/en][cn]让我渐远行,让我苦中作乐。[/cn] [en]All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.[/en][cn]所有的欢乐都是相同的,它们能让我远离烦扰和哀愁。[/cn] [en]It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.[/en][cn]多说无益,就让眼泪和雨水来证明。[/cn]

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  • 【犯罪心理】S01E07(1) Reid来审讯

    填句听写,不抄全文,不写序号,句子最后标点不用写出,答完一空另起一行继续作答。 若页面过长造成听写不便,在听写框的右上角点击“弹出答题纸”即可。 上期节目:【犯罪心理】S01E06(4) 我是瞄着腿射击的 Hints: None Sit down, now. Is this your daddy?! I'm done talking to you people! You don't have to talk. Just listen. On the occasions 1_______________. Once the effects of alcohol wore off

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    填句听写,不抄全文,不写序号,句子最后标点不用写出,答完一空另起一行继续作答。 若页面过长造成听写不便,在听写框的右上角点击“弹出答题纸”即可。 上期节目: 【犯罪心理】S01E010(1) 我需要一个本地人的搜救队 Hints: None Came as soon as I heard, sheriff. Good morning, Henry. 1____________ then just stand by for a few minutes. Everyone, please, as soon as you've signed in make your way back