Passage 5   (淄博市2007届高三第三次模拟考试)  完形填空

After my brother's serious heart attack, he lay in a coma(昏迷) in the hospital. Tubes and wires   36   him up to machines that kept him alive. The only sound in his room was the   37   whoosh(呼呼声) of the pump forcing air into his lungs. My sister--in--law stood by    38    .  As a minister I had been with families in similar   39   . I had searched for the right   40  , a phrase of hope, trying to   41   them. But this was a new   42   .

During these difficult days, my sister-- in-- law and I were   43    between hope and resignation. We   44   every visitor. We were grateful for their stories of people who had    45   comas and return to   46  . We listened when they talked knowledgeably about the stages of grief. We knew they cared. But many visitors came   47   the door talking, and kept talking. Was that how I had dealt with my nervousness when I didn't know   48   to say?

Then a/n   49   friend came to visit. He stood with us around the bed, looking at my brother's body. There was a long silence. Suddenly   50   with emotion, he said, "I'm sorry." There was another long pause.   51  , he hugged my sister--in--law and then turned to shake my hand. He held it a   52   longer than necessary and squeezed a little harder than   53  . As he looked at me, tears came to his eyes. And then he left. One week later, my brother died.

Years   54   passed and I still remember that visitor. I do not recall his name, but I'll never forget how he shared our grief, quietly and   55   and without awkwardness. His few words spoke volumes.

36. A. added          B. hooked             C. put                 D. held

37. A. rhythmical                           B. loud              

C. irregular                             D. harmonious

38. A. careful         B. hopeful             C. helpless             D. useless

39. A. conversations   B. considerations       C. locations           D. situations

40. A. words         B. places               C. roles               D. choices

41. A. convince       B. teach               C. comfort             D. serve

42. A. challenge                              B. adventure        

C. experience                             D. opportunity

43. A. filled           B. torn               C. worn               D. settled

44. A. appreciated     B. expected           C. depended           D. evaluated

45. A. suffered from   B. shaken off         C. come down with     D. kept out

46. A. reality         B. origin             C. function           D. normal

47. A. in             B. across               C. over                 D. through

48. A. why           B. what               C. how               D. when

49. A. casual         B. expected           C. close               D. familiar

50. A. concentrated                  B. controlled          

C. overcome                          D. disappointed

51. A. However       B. Therefore           C. Besides             D. Finally

52. A. second         B. lot                 C. great deal           D. period

53. A. before         B. possible             C. usual               D. past

54. A. had           B. have               C. are                 D. were

55. A. extraordinarily   B. desperately         C. nervously           D. sincerely

答案  36.B   37.A  38.C  39.D  40.A  41.C  42.C  43.B  44.A  45.B  46.D  47.D  48.B  49.A  50.C  51.D  52.A  53.C  54.B  55.D