Passage 2  (江苏省苏州市2007届高三第四次模拟考试)  完形填空

Two runners stand side by side at the starting line of a race. Both look very strong and fast. __36__ one runner speeds ahead and wins the race. The other falls behind.

Some athletes can reach great __37__ such as the achievement of an Olympic gold medal. Others never live up to their __38__. What kind of __39__ before a race or another event makes the __40__?

Everyone knows that athletes work out to strengthen their __41__. But research shows that strengthening the mind may be just as __42__. Careful study indicates(表明)that the best athletes win __43__ because they think they can win.

Thinking positive thoughts seems to give possibility for __44__ in sports. People who say to themselves over and over. “I know I can do this, ” often find they have the __45__to win. On the other hand, people often__46__, who think, “I can’t win.”

One procedure that helps many athletes is creating __47__ in the mind. They are told to think of each __48__ they must make to win. Some use pictures that are more fanciful. One skater liked to __49__ a star bursting inside her, __50__ her with energy. Another athlete who wanted to feel __51__ pictured himself as a __52__ floating in the air.

Next time you want to do something well, try training your __53__ to help you. Perhaps a teacher or another instructor can help you plan your training. If you imagine yourself doing better, you may soon see __54__ in what you __55__ can do. Positive thinking and pictures created in your mind can help you win!

36. A. Therefore B. And C. But D. While

37. A. places B. prizes C. medals D. goals

38. A. place B. promise C. name D. prize

39. A. preparation B. picture C. plan D. work

40. A. same B. difference C. most D. best

41. A. minds B. thoughts C. bodies D. legs

42. A. important B. interesting C. possible D. correct

43. A. mostly B. almost C. partly D. nearly

44. A. success B. goals C. win D. failure

45. A. disadvantage B. advantage C. luck D. hope

46. A. fail B. succeed C. win D. pass

47. A. ideas B. pictures C. thoughts D. movements

48. A. move B. drive C. jump D. place

49. A. think B. imagine C. hope D. wish

50. A. giving B. helping C. filling D. supporting

51. A. calm B. excited C. encouraged D. happy

52. A. fish B. bird C. cat D. horse

53. A. body B. mind C. thought D. imagination

54. A. improvement B. advantage C. chance D. winning

55. A. usually B. really C. possibly D. mostly

答案  36.C   37.D  38.B  39.A  40.B  41.C  42.A  43.C  44.A  45.B  46.A  47.B  48.A  49.B  50.C  51.A  52.B  53.B  54.A  55.B