Passage 4  (江西省南昌市2007届高三第三次模拟考试)  完形填空

I consider myself something of an expert on apologies. A quick temper has   36   me with plenty of opportunities to make them. In one of my earliest   37  , my mother is telling me , “Don’t watch the   38   when you say, ‘I’m sorry’. Hold your head up and look at the person in the   39   , so he’ll know you   40   it.”

My mother thus made the key point of a(n)   41   apology: it must be direct. You must never   42   to be doing something else. You do not   43   a pile of letters while apologizing to a person   44    in position after blaming him or her for a mistake that turned out to be your   45   . You do not apologize to a hostess, whose guest of honor you treat   46  , by sending flowers the next day without mentioning your bad   47  .

One of the important things we should do for an   48   , apology is a readiness to   49   the responsibility for our careless mistakes .We are used to making excuses ,which leaves no   50   for the other person to   51   us .Since most people are open-hearted ,the no-excuse apology leaves both parties feeling   52   about themselves .That ,after all ,is the   53   of every apology .It   54   little whether the apologizer is wholly or only partly a fault :answering for one’s   55   encourages others to take their share of the blame.

36.A.provided B.mixed C.compared D.treated

37.A.dreams C.memories D.ideas

38.A.side B.ground C.wall D.bottom

39.A.mind B.soul C.face D.eye

40.A.imagine B.enjoy C.mean D.regret

41.A.useful B.successful C.equal D.basic

42.A.pretend B.forget C.refuse D.expect

43.A.hold on B.put away C.look through D.pick up

44.A.poorer B.weaker C.worse D.lower

45.A.fault B.reason C.result D.duty

46.A.cruelly B.freely C.roughly D.foolishly

47.A.manners B.excuses C.efforts D.roles B.effective C.extra D.easy

49.A.raise B.perform C.admit D.bear

50.A.situation B.need C.sign

51.A.advise B.forgive C.warn D.blame

52.A.wiser B.warmer C.better D.cleverer

53.A.purpose B.method C.end D.advantage

54.A.cares B.matters C.depends D.remains

55.A.facts B.states C.rights D.actions

答案  36.A   37.C  38.B  39.D  40.C  41.B  42.A  43.C  44.D  45.A  46.C  47.A  48.B  49.D  50.D  51.B  52.C  53.A  54.B  55.D