Passage 3  (安徽省合肥市2007届高三第三次模拟考试)  完形填空

There’s almost nothing good about goodbyes, but if something is missed, it is because it was good. I’m not good at writing and I don’t think it’s   36   to write this article, but I really need to   37    people who helped me   38   this year – people who made   39   in a different country easier.

The first day I got here, I went to make my   40  , and of course, the first person I got to meet was Carla. That’s   41   she’s the first person I thank, because of all the help with classes and the   42   she had with me.

Since as an exchange student I can’t   43  , I would like to thank all the people that sometimes offered me   44  . Thanks to all the people that were nice to me,   45  . They were friendly   46   not knowing me, not   47   a good day themselves, not understanding my   48  .

There’s a lot more to be thankful   49  , but all I can say is that this was   50   the best year of my life, and part of   51   is because of some people I met in this new High School. Some of these people are already   52  , some are graduating, and some I just met this school year.

I strongly believe that friends are always friends, regardless of age,   53  , race or anything else. People in need deserve having a place in others’ hearts. All the friends I   54   there will always be on my mind. I’ll   55   them.

36.A.easy B.hard C.wise D.happy

37.A.remember B.appreciate C.recognize D.introduce

38.A.with B.up C.through D.out

39.A.traveling B.studying C.sightseeing D.settling

40.A.schedule B.decision C.project D.appointment

41.A.because B.why C.where D.when

42.A.patience B.toleration C.agreement D.satisfaction

43.A.cook B.drink

44.A.wines B.meals C.rides D.maps matter what and then

C.more or less any chance

46.A.finally B.even C.hardly D.only

47.A.making B.expecting C.designing D.having

48.A.accent B.expression C.feeling D.thought

49.A.for C.with D.of

50.A.doubtfully B.relatively C.frequently D.definitely C.which D.what

52.A.graduated B.applied C.reported D.graded

53.A.area C.nationality D.district

54.A.found B.made C.dreamed D.heard

55.A.lose B.think C.miss D.touch

答案  36.A   37.B  38.C  39.B  40.A  41.B  42.A  43.C  44.C  45.A  46.B  47.D  48.A  49.A  50.D  51.B  52.A  53.C  54.B  55.C