Passage 6  (2007北京市朝阳区高三第二次统一考试)  完形填空

My earliest memory of dad is grabbing his hand while we walked together. As I   36   older, I remember my father and I listening to basketball games on the radio. I always fell asleep   37   the game was over. When I woke up in the morning the score sheet with the   38   score on it would be lying   39   me. I’ll always remember that.

On cold mornings my father would bring his bread truck by the house. I used to ride on the floor of that bread truck   40   he delivered the bread to the stores. The   41   and the warmth from the bread made my mouth water and kept me warm. I’ll always remember that.

My father would   42   all my games. One night before an important game my father told me   43   that he wouldn’t be able to watch the game because he had to deliver the bread and it was a three-hour   44   from his route(路线). The next day as the game time approached I thought about my dad. I happened to look across the field and   45   saw his bread truck pulling into the stadium. He managed to   46   the game. I’ll always remember that.

Years later I had become a teacher. I’ll never forget the voice on the phone early one morning telling me dad had just been   47   in a traffic accident. I could hear my heart   48   in my ears. I   49   the phone and went back to my bedroom. After that nothing really   50   to me. I still taught in school   51   I couldn’t focus on my teaching. One day I was on the playground    52   a little boy walked up to me and grabbed my hand. His hand held mine the same way I used to hold my father’s by the last two   53  . At that moment I found my   54   in life again. You see even though my father was gone, he left something with me. He left me his smile, compassion and touch. My purpose was to use those   55   as he did. From that day On I started. I’ll always remember that!

36.A.seemed B.grew C.turned D.changed

37.A.when B.although C.because D.before

38.A.fresh C.official D.opposite

39.A.across from place of to D.ahead of C.until D.unless

41.A.smell B.color C.taste D.shape

42.A.react B.confirm C.serve D.attend

43.A.exactly B.sadly C.slowly D.simply B.walk C.length D.ride

45.A.immediately B.hopefully C.surprisingly D.unusually

46.A.make B.keep C.take

47.A.killed B.injured C.trapped D.saved

48.A.strike B.knock C.beat D.hit

49.A.held up B.held back C.hung on D.hung up

50.A.cared B.mattered C.troubled D.meant

51.A.if B.once C.and D.but

52.A.while B.after C.when D.before

53.A.shoulders B.fingers C.arms D.legs

54.A.purpose B.pleasure C.position D.progress

55.A.lessons B.prizes D.subjects

答案  36.B   37.D  38.B  39.C  40.A  41.A  42.D  43.B  44.A  45.C  46.A  47.A  48.C  49.D  50.B  51.D  52.C  53.B  54.A  55.C