Part 2  Vocabulary and Grammar

II.Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案:(共20分)

31. We are planning ________one-day trip to Century Park during the winter holidays. ________trip must be full of fun, I think.

A) a, The               B) an, The             C) the, A               D) the, The

32. ________ December 11,2001, China formally became the 143rd member of the WTO.

A) In               B) On                  C) At                  D) Until

33. ---Would you like some ________?

---Oh, yes, just a little.

A) milk                 B) apple                C) pears                D) oranges

34. ---Tom, Mary can’t open the box. Can you give ________a helping hand?

A) she                   B) her                  C) hers                  D) herself

35. Excuse me, sir. I bought the shoes yesterday, but they are in different sizes. One is size 37, ________is size 38.

A) the others         B) other              C) another           D) the other

36.   ________ of the newspapers in the world are written in English.

A) Three quarter    B) Three-fourths    C) Three-fourth      D)Third-four

37. Mobile phones are very popular nowadays and they are ________ than before.

A) cheap                B) cheaper             C) cheapest            D) the cheapest

38. It’s difficult to live in a foreign country, ________if you don’t speak the language.

A) importantly        B) naturally       C) especially         D) usually

39. My uncle doesn’t have much money, ________ he always enjoys himself.

A) but                    B) so                     C) and                   D) or

40. The comic strip is ________ funny ________readers are fond of it.

A) too, to           B) so, that            C)  very, to          D) too, that

41. All the children like Mr. White very much because he often makes them ________.

A) laughed             B) laughing           C) laugh                D) to laugh

42. I looked everywhere for the book but I ________ find it.

A) mustn’t             B) needn’t             C) may not            D) couldn’t

43. Private cars are becoming very popular though most of them still ____too much.

A) pay                 B) cost                C) sell                D) spend 

44. Many students have to ________their hobbies because of their busy school work.

A) stay up            B) put up             C) give up           D) look up

45. Look! What a clean room! Who ________ it?

A) has tidied          B) is tidying          C) will tidy            D) tidied

46. Most people _________ when the big earthquake took place in that area.

A) are sleeping     B) were sleeping  C) slept             D) sleep

47. Don’t put off today’s work for tomorrow. I mean, today’s work ________ today.

A) may do         B) must do           C) may be done    D) must be done

48. Mary keeps talking about the party. She had a very good time, _________?

A) hadn’t she         B) had she            C) didn’t she          D) did she

49.   ---_____________?

---I’d like to see that red dress.

A) What can I do for you                       B) Do you want anything

C) What do you like                              D) What will you do

50.   ---I’m sorry. I’m late because the traffic is bad.

---________. But tomorrow, please be on time.

A) It’s a pleasure                                B) You’re welcome

C) It doesn’t matter                            D) That’s right

III.Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each one can only be used once.(8分)

A.clothes B.left C.though D.diffidult E.parent
F.reading G.happy with H.angry about I.came true  

My mother was a housewife. She thought that successful people spent a lot more time___51   than watching TV. So she asked my brother and me to read two books every week in our free time. She would check them with marks,   52   she couldn’t read the books at all.

When I went to school, I was an A-student, but not for long. I wanted cool    53    and hung out with friends. I went from being an A-student to a C-student, but I didn’t care. One night, I complained about not having enough Italian T-shirts. Then my mother gave me all her money. She said I could get the money    54    to buy shirts if I finished buying all the things the family needed. I was very   55    that, but after I bought those things, there was no money left. I got to know how    56    it was for my mother to do all this. I went back to my studies and became an A-student again. Finally, my dream    57    and I became a doctor.

My story is really my mother’s story – a woman with little education greatly changed my life as a   58    . 

IV.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (8分)

59. Two bank ________ were reported in this area last month. (robbery)

60.Chinahas become the ________ country to build a space station. (five)

61. ________ is the most important thing for a person.(honest)

62. If you want to _______ things better, you’d better have a healthier diet. (memory)

63. Some________ people have traditional turkeys for Christmas dinner. (west)

64. President Hujingtao made a ________ on TV last Wednesday to welcome the New Year. (speak)

65. Some kinds of computers are so tiny that people may be ________ of them. (aware)

66. Many people like to keep pet dogs because dogs will love people _________ for many years.(faithful)

V.Rewrite the following sentences as required.(14分)

67. They both are editors of the school newspaper. (改为否定句)

________of them ________an editor of the school newspaper.

68. Lucy will leave for London on business in three days. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ will Lucy leave for London on business?

69. They students watched a very exciting match yesterday. (改为感叹句)

________ ________exciting match the students watched yesterday!

70. Mr. Brown manages a large Disneyland Park in Japan. (保持句意基本不变)

Mr. Brown is in ________ ________a large Disneyland Park in Japan.

71. If I don’t finish my homework, my mother will not allow me to play computer games. (保持句意基本不变)

I won’t be______ to play computer games______ I finish my homework.

72. The scientists store a lot of information in the computers every day.(改为被动语态)

Much information ________ ________ in the computers every day.

73. “Have you got ready for the final exam?” Our class teacher asked the students.(合并一句)

Our class teacher asked us_______ we______ got ready for the final exams.