Part 3 Reading and Writing

VI.Reading Comprehension(共50分)

A) Choose the best answer(12分)

Sore throat, running nose, and dizzy (眩晕的) head. Oh, you’ve got the flu! Late autumn and early winter is flu season. The flu is annoying. It takes weeks to get over. It prevents us from concentrating (集中注意) in class and having fun on the playground. So can we do anything to prevent it?

Can exercise help our body fight off a cold or flu? This is a good question, but not easy to answer. There isn’t any research addressing this question. There was one small study among college students. But it did not show any difference in the body’s response (反应) to flu vaccine (流感疫苗) between students who exercised and those who did not. Exercise at the start of a cold or flu is unlikely to change the course of the illness.

On the other hand, a person who exercises often will be in better physical condition. They will be more energetic. They may sleep more soundly and therefore be better rested, and may feel happier and less stressed by a cold or flu. So regular exercise is likely to help a person fight off colds and the flu.

Because the flu and colds are caused by viruses, frequent hand-washing, keeping your hands away from your face, and avoiding contact with infected (被感染的) people will all help to prevent infection. Smoking makes a person more easily infected by viruses, so avoiding smoke is another way to be protected.

74. _______________is flu season.

A) Early spring and late autumn                   B) Late autumn and early winter

C) Early autumn and late winter                       D) Late winter and early spring

75. If you have got the flu, you won’t _______________ .

A) have a sore throat                                          B) have a running nose

C) have a dizzy head                                          D) have fun on the playground

76. Exercise at the start of a cold or flu _______________ change the course of the illness.

A) can                           B) can’t                 C) must                        D) mustn’t

77. A person who exercises often will _______________ .

A) sleep less soundly                                   B) be less energetic

C) feel more stressed                                          D) be better rested

78. In order to prevent ourselves from getting the flu, it is not good to____________ .

A) wash hands frequently                             B) keep hands away from your face

C) avoid contact with infected people         D) smoke from time to time

79.The flu ____________.

A) takes a few hours to get over                   B) can be easily fought off

C) has nothing to do with exercise         D) is caused by virusesrmal style

B) Choose the words or expressions to complete the passage(12分)

In one's life, one spends the most time­­­ being with oneself. But one has the least understanding of oneself. When you are successful, you may be very proud. When you   80   , you may lose heart. If you don't get a thorough understanding of yourself (彻悟自我), you may miss many chances in life.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to know well about yourself. You may realize your strong points and weak ones. You may hope for a wonderful future, but be sure not to expect too much because you may not realize all of your dreams. You may be confident enough to meet challenges, but first you should know   81   .

To get a thorough understanding of yourself needs self-appreciation (自我欣赏). Maybe you think you are a tall tree or just small grass, but you can always have your own way of being there. __82      you get full confidence in yourself, you are sure to face any trouble.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself also means to   83    yourself. When you are angry, find a quiet place so that you won't be hurt. When you are   84   , tell your friends about it to change the mood (心情) into a good one. When you are tired, get a good sleep. If you don't know when and how you should look after yourself, you won’t be able to stay away from illness.

85      can tell what will happen in the future. Get a thorough understanding of yourself, and you will get a full control of yourself and find your life full of color.

80.   A) win                      B) fail                      C) know                   D) beat

81.   A) where to do          B) how to do             C) what to do            D) why to do

82.   A) Since                   B) When                   C) Until                    D) Although

83.   A) take care of          B) be kind to             C) be pleased with     D) depend on

84.   A) happy                  B) comfortable          C) pleased                 D) sad

85.   A) No one                B) Everyone              C) Someone              D) Anyone