41. Watership Down
41. 海底沉船

By Richard Adams. when you read it, you will just find yourself moved by the characters and rooted in the story (so to speak) as they struggle to overcome tyranny.

42. Lolita
42. 洛丽塔

By Vladamir Nobokov. This controversial book will test your moral boundaries, and at the same time push the boundaries of the language. Unmatchable in many ways.

43. Sometimes a Great Notion
43. 永不让步

By Ken Kesey. He’s better known for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but this is also a masterpiece, really, with intricately interwoven narratives (which can be a bit confusing) telling the story of a hard-nosed logging family in Oregon. A must read.

44. Life of Pi
44. 少年Pi的奇幻漂流

By Yann Martel. A charming story of an Indian boy lost in the middle of the ocean with a tiger. A great read.

45. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
45. 深夜小狗神秘习题

By Mark Haddon. A touching story about a 15-year-old autistic boy who is very intelligent, who uses his dedicated detective skills to solve more mysteries than he set out to solve.

46. The Corrections
46. 纠正

By Jonathan Franzen. Maybe at first, you don’t like this book much, as the author seems to dislike and make fun of the main characters. But the deeper you go into the novel, the more you begin to understand and sympathize with the characters. And beyond an intricately woven tale, it’s also an interesting critique of modern consumerism society.

47. The Time Traveler’s Wife
47. 时间旅行者的妻子

By Audrey Niffenegger. A beautiful love story, told with a unique twist of time travel.

48. Cold Mountain
48. 冷山

By Charles Frazier. I couldn’t put this book down. You’ll fall in love with these characters.

49. Noble House
49. 华贵洋行

By James Clavell. Incredibly intriguing historical fiction, in this case set in Hong Kong. Extremely compelling stories. Clavell has a whole series of can’t-put-down books set in Asia, including Tai-Pan and Shogun, among others.

50. Don Quixote
50. 唐吉诃德

By Cervantes. Another of the greatest novels of all time, the tales of Quixote and the amazing Sancho Panza will delight you with their humor and wit. Much of Western literature is indebted to this book, and Cervantes is the only writer who comes close to standing with Shakespeare.