21. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series
21. 银河系漫游指南系列

By Douglas Adams. The best comedy books ever, you’ll laugh out loud at every book. Adams is simply brilliant. 作者道格拉斯·亚当斯。这是有史以来最好的喜剧小说,每本书都能让你捧腹大笑,亚当斯简直是天才。

22. The Discworld Series
22. 碟形世界系列

By Terry Pratchett. Starts with The Color of Magic, but there are well over 30 in the series now. You can just jump in and read any of them, and they’re all pretty much incredible. Second-funniest writer, after Adams.

23. The Stand
23. 末日逼近

By Stephen King. Anything by Stephen King will be a good read, but if you’re going to just read one book by him, read this one. A master storyteller.

24. Harry Potter series
24. 哈利·波特系列

By J.K. Rowling. A classic series, from book one. Sure, it’s supposedly a kid’s series, but so is LOTR (next entry, below) and host of other wonderful works. Harry Potter made reading come alive for my children, and maybe you cried numerous times while reading these books with them.

25. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series
25. 霍比特人及指环王系列

By J.R.R. Tolkein. Absolute classics. The Hobbit by itself is a great little book, but the LOTR series adds epic drama to the world of the Hobbits.

26. High Fidelity
26. 失恋排行榜

By Nick Hornby. Made into an excellent movie by John Cusack, High Fidelity is as much about music as it is about relationships. Just a cool book.
作者尼克·霍恩比,该书由John Cusack改编为一部优秀电影。《失恋排行榜》既是谈论恋爱,也是谈论音乐,这真的是一部很棒的书。

27. About a Boy
27. 关于一个男孩

By Nick Hornby. Better than the movie, which was pretty decent. The main characters — a do-nothing rich shallow bachelor and a son of a depressed and suicidal mom — are transformed by each other. Also see Hornby’s excellent How to Be Good.

28. Water for Elephants
28. 大象的眼泪

By Sara Gruen. It’s a historical book about circuses. It’s a compelling story, and the well-researched facts really bring the story and characters alive.

29. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
29. 不能承受的生命之轻

By Milan Kundera. A classic, and a great read. Set in Czechoslovakia in the late 60s, it explores the insignificance of our actions and existence, in beautiful language.

30. Anna Karenina
30. 安娜·卡列尼娜

By Leo Tolstoy. One of the greatest novels of all time, Anna is a tragic heroine brought down by her desire to live and be loved, while Levin is a wonderful character looking for a satisfactory answer to the only important question to Tolstoy: that of death. Incredibly interwoven stories presided over by a roving omniscient narrator.