11. Pattern Recognition
11. 模式识别

By William Gibson. With this book, Gibson starts a new series, set in the present day. In fact, it’s so much like his futuristic sci-fi that it’s eerie. Gibson has a unique way of looking at our world.

12. Slow Man
12. 迟钝的人

By J.M. Coetzee. One of the greatest living writers of the English language, you could pick up any of his titles (Disgrace would be my other recommendation) and get an excellent book. Slow Man plays with the boundaries of fiction.

13. The Big Sleep
13. 长眠不醒

By Raymond Chandler. The best of the detective novelists, Chandler took the genre to new heights that generations of writers have tried to reach. He’s the best, and his writing is just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

14. Motherless Brooklyn
14. 布鲁克林孤儿

By Jonathan Lethem. If you like Chandler and similar tough detective novels, you’ll love Lethem’s brilliant take on the genre. An excellent story featuring a protagonist with Tourette Syndrome, a killer giant and a Zen crime syndicate.

15. Gun, with Occasional Music
15. 枪,偶尔有音乐

By Jonathan Lethem. Another excellent detective novel, this one combines the genre with sci-fi. Features talking kangaroos working for the mob and other cool stuff.

16. Never Let Me Go
16. 别让我走

By Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s hard to describe Ishiguro’s writing, except that he really plays with whether the narrator of a story is objective or not. He plays with traditional plot devices and uses the reader’s curiosity of the unfolding story drive the book forward. Never Let Me Go might technically be sci-fi, as it seems to be set in the future, but really there’s not much sci-fi about it.

17. When We Were Orphans
17. 我辈孤雏

By Kazuo Ishiguro. Ostensibly a detective novel, it leaves you wondering about a lot of things, including what others really think of the narrator.

18. Kafka on the Shore
18. 海边的卡夫卡

By Haruki Murakami. This guy is such an imaginative writer. Very different from most of the fiction you’ll read, anything can happen in a Murakami book.

19. Bel Canto
19. 美声唱法

By Ann Patchett. One of the most beautiful books, a must-read if you haven’t yet. Hostages and hostage takers trapped by seige, and some surprising things unfold.

20. Run
20. 奔跑

By Ann Patchett. This is a moving story full of magic. Also see Patchett’s excellent The Magician’s Assistant.