12 Elizabeth and Darcy
12 伊丽莎白和达西

One morning, about a week after Bingley had proposed to Jane, a carriage arrived outside Longbourn House. Elizabeth, Kitty and their mother were in the sitting-room, when suddenly the door was thrown open, and their visitor entered. It was Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

They were all extremely astonished. Mrs Bennet, flattered to have such an important visitor, received her with great politeness. After sitting for a moment in silence, Lady Catherine said very stiffly to Elizabeth, 'I hope you are well, Miss Bennet. That lady, I suppose, is your mother. And that, I suppose, is one of your sisters.'

解析:astonished 吃惊的、惊讶的
eg: It astonished me to learn that she was dead.

stiffly 呆板地、生硬地
eg: His father turned, the wiry figure walking a little stiffly.

Elizabeth replied that she was correct in thinking so. Lady Catherine rose and said, 'I would like to have a walk in your garden, Miss Bennet, if you would accompany me.'

解析:accompany 陪伴、伴随
eg: Please accompany me on my walk.

'Go, my dear,' cried Mrs Bennet. 'Show her ladyship the different walks, I'm sure she will like them.'

As they passed through the hall, Lady Catherine opened the doors into the different rooms, looked in, and declared them to be reasonable-looking rooms. They went into the garden in silence. Elizabeth was determined to make no effort at conversation with a woman who was being more than usually rude and disagreeable.

解析:declare 宣布、声明、发表意见
eg: The governor declared a state of emergency.

make efforts 努力、作出努力
eg: Only if we make efforts, we will obtain the happiness.