A couple of hours later,however,he was woken by the movement of the cart. It was being driven towards Weather-bury by two farm workers,who had not noticed Gabriel. He listened to their conversation.

解析:conversation 对话、交谈
eg: The captain came ashore and joined our conversation.

‘She's a handsome woman,that's true,’said one,‘but proud too!And very vain,that's what people say!’

解析:vain 徒劳的、徒然的;自负的、自大的
eg: Her modesty is put on; at heart she is very vain.

‘Oh,if she's vain,Billy Smallbury,I'll never be able to look at her!I'm such a shy man,as you know!’said the other. ‘A single woman,and vain!And does she pay her farm workers well?’

‘I don't know about that,Joseph Poorgrass. ’

Gabriel thought they could be talking about Bathsheba,except that the woman they were discussing seemed to be the mistress of a farm. As the cart was now quite near Weather-bury,Gabriel jumped out,unseen by the two men. He climbed a gate into a field,intending to sleep for the rest of the night under a hay-rick,but then he noticed an unusual light in the darkness,about half a mile away. Something was on fire.

解析:climb 爬、攀登
eg: The old lady climbed up the stairs with difficulty.

on fire 着火、起火
eg: All the houses are on fire.