9 Elizabeth in Derbyshire
9 伊丽莎白在德比郡

During the week before the regiment's departure, all the young ladies in the Meryton area became extremely depressed. Only the two elder Miss Bennets were still able to eat, drink, sleep and lead a normal life. They were often scolded by Kitty and Lydia, who could not understand such hard-heartedness.

解析:departure 离开、出发
eg: May I have your arrival and departure dates?

depressed 沮丧的、情绪低落的
eg: When depressed, he always sings this song to encourage himself.

'How shall we manage without the officers!' they cried miserably. 'How can you smile like that, Lizzy?'

解析:miserably 痛苦地、难受地、可悲地
eg: The millionaires are only a minority, but most people live miserably.

Their affectionate mother shared all their sadness. 'I remember when Colonel Millar's regiment went away, twenty-five years ago,' she said, 'I thought my heart was broken.'

'I'm sure mine will be broken,' said Lydia.

'If we could only go to Brighton!' said Mrs Bennet. 'I'm certain a little sea-bathing would be good for me.'

'Oh yes! But Papa is so disagreeable about it.'

Elizabeth tried not to listen, but could not help seeing the justice of Darcy's objections to her family.

解析:objection 反对、异议
动词形式是object 反对、拒绝;object作名词意思为目标、物体
eg: The defense attorney's objection was overruled by the judge.