'But I tell you what, my dears,' she said brightly, 'I'm giving a little supper party for some of the officers tomorrow. I'll ask Mr Philips to visit Mr Wickham and invite him to come too. Will you all come as well?'


解析:as well 同样地、也
eg: Computers bring troubles as well.

The girls were delighted and agreed at once to this arrangement, and the whole group walked back to Longbourn, happily discussing the enjoyable evening they were going to have. Mr Collins had been very impressed with Mrs Philips'politeness, and when they reached Longbourn, he complimented Mrs Bennet on her sister's elegance and charming manners.

解析:arrangement 安排、布置、整理
动词原形为arrange 安排、排列、整理
eg: What do you think of this arrangement ?

be impressed with 对……印象深刻
eg: I'm impressed with all steps of the process.

The next evening the carriage took him and his five cousins to Meryton, and the girls had the pleasure of hearing, as they entered the hall, that Mr Wickham had accepted their uncle's invitation, and was at that moment in the house.

解析:invitation 邀请、邀请函
eg: I have sent them a formal invitation.

When Mr Collins was shown into the sitting-room, and had time to look around and admire it, he said immediately to Mrs Philips, 'Madam, I must compliment you on the size and furniture of this room Really, I could almost imagine myself in the smaller summer breakfast room at Rosings!'

解析:compliment 恭维、称赞,可以作名词也可作动词
eg: Her guests complimented her on her cooking.

This remark did not at first please his hostess very much, but when she heard from him what Rosings was, and who its owner was, and how much Lady Latherine's furniture cost, she realized what a great compliment it was. During the evening Mr Collins found Mrs Philips a kind and attentive listener, which was fortunate, as the Bennet girls could not bring themselves to listen to him any longer.