1 The Bennets'new neighbour
1 班纳特家的新邻居

It is a truth well known to all the world that an unmarried man in possession of a large fortune must be in need of a wife. And when such a man moves into a neighbourhood, even if nothing is known about his feelings or opinions, this truth is so clear to the surrounding families, that they think of him immediately as the future husband of one or other of their daughters.

解析:in possession of 拥有、占有
eg:He is in possession of a large estate in the country.

fortune 财富;运气
eg:Fortune smiles upon the brave and
frowns upon the coward.

'My dear Mr Bennet,' said Mrs Bennet to her husband one day, 'have you heard that someone is going to rent Netherfield Park at last?'

解析:rent 租借、出租
eg: I rent an apartment in town.

'No, Mrs Bennet, I haven't.' said her husband.

'Don't you want to know who is renting it?' cried Mrs Bennet impatiently.

'You want to tell me, and I don't mind listening.'

解析:mind 作动词表示介意、注意;作名词意为理智、精神、智力
eg: Do you mind my closing the window?

Mrs Bennet needed no further encouragement. 'Well, my dear, I hear that he's a very rich young man from the north of England. It seems he came to see Netherfield on Monday and was so delighted with it that he arranged to rent it at once. Of course, it is the finest house in the area, with the largest gardens. His servants will be here by the end of the week, and he will be arriving soon afterwards!'

解析:by the end of 到结束时、在……之前
eg: We've finished our
task by the end of the deadline.