C: ____?
T: We'd been drinking apple martinis for, like, three days straight. ____.
W: Cath. Whose shirt is this?
T: Mine. ____.
W: When?
T: Yesterday. I caught her trying it on and I said "give it back," and then we started fighting over it, you know, ____. We fell back laughing. I'd give anything to have her back.
W: We're going to take this shirt, if you don't mind.
T: No, go ahead, if it'll help.
C: You said you have proof that Shelley used the dry sauna.
T: She called down from this phone. Do they tape phone calls here?
C: ____. You're sure she used that phone to make the appointment?
T: Yeah.
W: We're going to take this as well.
T: Okay... but it doesn't have anything on it.
W: Well, that's okay. We do magic.

And you can verify that when Shelley went to the hotel spa last night, she was going to use the dry sauna Shelley said the sauna would detox her you know, clean her out Shelley and I got in a fight over it tug of war and the whole thing ripped right in two Hotel surveillance would love that