N: I took this from our suspect's apartment.
R: Husband and wife carjacking. I heard about the case. My friend and I eat at Andre's. Creepy.
N: ____. It wasn't a carjacking.
R: Well, it's a fresh pad. Only a couple of pages missing. Let's see what she wrote on those missing pages.
N: "Quarters for laundry." Not incriminating. "Pay parking ticket." "Andre's at 9:00 P.M.?" Whoa!
G: Andre's, nine p.m. Green SUV. "Corner of sixth. Sunday, K's office, 8:00 A.M." This is a blueprint for murder.
N: Assuming "K" is Kevin they were planning to meet three days after he was murdered.
G: He paid Jessica $35,000. He called her as he was leaving the restaurant. ____.
N: No. Neither was Jessica.
G: Kevin shepherd took a hit out on his wife and something went wrong. And we may have the proof.
R: Okay, we've got the blueprint and Kevin Shepherd's credit card receipt from Andre's. Okay. Now, normally, ____. But look at the "K" on the receipt. now look at the K in Kay's office. Okay? Also, look at the "S" in "SUV" and "Sunday." Now, look at the "S" in Shepherd. ____. He wrote both these documents.
G: I think Shepherd planned the murder of his wife.
N: I'm with you. Why'd he end up dead?
B: Bad karma. Jessica and this Shepherd guy had been phoning each other day and night for the past two years. What does that tell you?
G: They had a very healthy relationship.
N: ____, Amy.
B: And there's more. On the night of the murder, after Jessica got off the phone with shepherd, she made a call.
G: To who?

Don't cancel your next reservation He wasn't supposed to die a signature wouldn't give us much Both letters are identical He was cheating on his wife
NICK: 我从一个嫌疑人的住所里拿来了这个。 RONNIE LITRE: 一对夫妇被劫车,我听说这件案子了。我和朋友也在“安德烈”吃过饭,简直贵得离谱。 NICK: 那就别取消下次预约了。这不是一件劫车案。 RONNIE LITRE: 这个本子还是新的,只有几张纸不见了。看一看她在那几张纸上写了什么。 NICK: “从住所到洗衣店”,“无控诉”,“交付违规罚单”,“晚上九点在安德烈”。 GRISSOM: “晚上九点在安德烈”,“一辆绿色的SUV”,“停在第六号拐角”,“周日,早上八点在K的办公室” 。这是一个策划谋杀的计划。 NICK: 假设K是指凯文的话,在他被谋杀前三天,他们约好地点见面的。 GRISSOM: 他付给了杰茜卡三万五千块。当他要离开饭店的时候,又给了她电话。那他并不想死。 NICK: 没错,杰茜卡也不想。 GRISSOM: 凯文想除掉自己的妻子,但是意外发生了。我们或许已经找到证据了。 RONNIE LITRE: 现在已有这张草案,还有凯文在安德烈吃饭的信用卡收据。一般来说,一个签名是看不出什么东西。但看这张收据上的“K”,然后是“K”办公室上的“K”对吗?还有这个出现在“SUV”和“周日”上的“S”,再看谢菲尔德上的“S”,这两个字母的笔迹都是一样的,这两张纸都是出自他的手。 GRISSOM: 我认为谢菲尔德是想谋杀他的妻子。 NICK: 我赞成你的观点。但为何最后他也死了呢? BRASS: 这叫因果报应。杰茜卡和谢菲尔德在过去的两年里一直都在通电话。从这点你能看出什么来? GRISSOM: 他们的关系很不寻常。 NICK: 他一直在欺骗他的妻子艾米。 BRASS: 在谋杀当晚,在杰茜卡和谢菲尔德通完电话后,艾米她也打了一个电话。 GRISSOM: 打给谁?