C: Sayonara. Well, well, what a switch. You actually beat us here.
G: It's Evaluation Day.
C: Hmm.
G: Where's Warrick?
C: He's working spillover - personal thing - kid he knows who's in trouble.
G: Oh, that's right. He told me. I forgot.
C: Well, ____.
G: You're a riot, Alice. You and I are going to work the head case.
C: Goody.
G: Nick, another homicide. 4-19, 40 miles outside of Baker.
N: Okay. Good. I'm on it.
G: Sara, you go with him.
S: Yes! Road trip. I'm gonna go switch boots.
G: Cath, I'll catch up with you.
C: I'll meet you at the autopsy. "Head"- topsy.
G: Sit down.
N: Look. Grissom I know this is a bad time to bitch to the boss but, uh, I've been a CSI Level 3 for nine months now. I was a CSI before Warrick. Warrick works D.B.'S solo. Why can't I?
G: Repeat after me. Silk, silk, silk.
N: "Silk, silk, silk"?
G: At do cows drink?
N: Milk.
G: Cows drink water. They give milk. ____. ____.
N: Look, ____? If I'm not ready, be a man - tell me I'm not ready.
G: You're not ready.
N: You know why I took this job? Honestly? I wanted to pack heat, walk under the yellow tape, be the man ... but mostly, because I want you to think I'm a good CSI.
G: ____. Anybody who's great at anything, Nick, does it for their own approval not someone else's.

maybe we should be evaluating you A simple riddle Common sense disguised in a puzzle of words, but an excellent barometer for evaluating someone's readiness I'm not one of your suspects you can trick, okay And that's the reason I have to hold you back