W: Hey.
G: How'd it go at the college?
S: ____.
W: Yeah, we didn't have a warrant, so she kicked us out.
G: What did you do?
S: What did we do? We met with the president, asked a few questions.
W: ____.
S: Like it's our fault we can hear.
G: All right. Let's go. Dr. Gilbert? I'm Gil Grissom, with the Crime lab. You kicked my people out of your office.
J: Well, I'm kicking you out, too.
G: Look, your student is dead. ____? I do. 
J: Your people can't solve this crime.
G: Why? 'Cause they don't understand the victim? Help them understand.
J: When a deaf person meets a hearing person the hearing person so much as says, "I'm normal, you're not."
G: Is that what you think I'm saying? A student is dead. Maybe you feel responsible. Maybe you're angry. But don't be angry with us. We want to help you.
J: If I agree to cooperate you will include me in your investigation?
G: Yes, I will. ____. Now, may I see Brian Clemonds' file? Please?
J: I did nothing wrong.
G: Brian filed six complaints against his roommate -- Paul Arrington.
J: Paul lost his hearing less than a year ago-- a tumor. He hasn't adjusted. He's angry.
G: And he took it out on Brian. Assaulted him. Brian requested a new roommate. Request denied?
J: ____.
G: I want to speak to Paul.
J: He doesn't read lips or sign.
G: You don't need to hear or speak to communicate. Or ... commit murder.

They're not cooperating She was kind of hostile Don't you want to know who's responsible I welcome your involvement There were no other available beds