S: What are we looking for exactly?
G: Same thing we're always looking for evidence of a crime. ____.
S: What about Nosebleed's missing girlfriend? You heard Brass. He got a hold of Alison Scott's parents in Canada. They said she never arrived. They had no idea she was even going to see them. ____ Alison Scott's blood?
G: I don't see any evidence of that.
S: ____?
G: No.
S: You don't think maybe he off'ed his girlfriend?
G: How many flies do you count in this room?
S: Fifteen ... give or take.
G: I counted four on my first walk-through.
S: Fly spots. Regurgitations.
G: Fresh. ____.
S: Place is sealed, and they don't spontaneously generate.
G: So they're feeding on fresh blood. Could be a rodent, though, or bad garbage.
S: Or it could be something higher up the food chain like Alison Scott.
G: ____
S: They can egress a space less than .001 centimeters. Behind you. Vent.

Failing that, we'll have to release this apartment What if nose man blew blood all over these walls to cover up You're not finding another layer of blood under there Problem is flies don't feast on dry blood The preponderance of flies is in this room