G: ____?
S: I have a patient coming in exactly 20 minutes so if you want to rifle around until then, fine but I will not leave my place of business.
G: No one's asked you to. You're very organized, Dr. Hillridge. ____ - having to put him down if it comes to that.
S: I don't hold onto things. ____. We live, we die, we replenish the earth.
G: Man's best friend ... but not yours, huh?
S: None of us gets out alive. I would think, in your job, you'd know that. But if we treat our bodies like a temple we can cheat time. Your eyes ...
G: What?
S: The lower rims are pale. You're deficient in folic acid. You're not eating your beets. Two beets have 54% percent of the RDA.
G: May I ask you what medical school you attended?
S: ____?
G: I just thought, the way you handled that knife...
S: Oh, the knife. No. I was in the CIA. Culinary Institute of America. Tell me, Mr. Grissom, how does a man choose death as his profession?
G: It chose me, actually.
S: Will, I guess one man's corpse is another man's candy. ____? It's full of folacin.
G: No, thanks.

Would you mind if I looked in your freezer I imagine you're upset about your dog I accept the evolution of change Will that help with your investigation Care for a sip