N: One person dead, it's a shame; more than one's a party.
C: ____.
N: Thank you. Speed metal. Couldn't hear a bomb go off over this.
B: Welcome to the caffeine wars. I got four dead, one on the way to the hospital. The kid who belonged to those headphones.
C: I count two - where are the others?
B: One behind the counter. One in the back room.
N: ____. ____.
C: Hey, I know this guy.
B: I bet you do. Who doesn't know Frankie Flynn? Used to own the Orpheus. ____.
C: Oh, yeah. Too many dips in the chips.
B: Yeah, you got that?
N: Who's the muscle?
B: This is Al Robson - Frankie Flynn's bodyguard.
N: Cash taken?
B: Till's full, and all the wallets are accounted for. I don't think anyone was interested in the, uh, cash ... or the coffee.
N: You're thinking hit?
B: Maybe. Frankie drives a bulletproof car. What does that tell you?
N: She's probably still in high school. Bless her heart.
C: Assuming Flynn was the target, and it was a hit the shooter followed Flynn ... in the front door ... shot the muscle first ... then Flynn ... and ____. The girls were last. ... four dead. One is still alive.
B: Make that five. Guy died on the way to the hospital.

Get ready to pull a double Guy wasn't light with the ammo This place is raining shell casings Lost his gaming license a couple of years ago some poor kid minding his own business