S: Dr. Gilbert ... We need your help. Brian Clemonds was murdered.
W: Was he having any difficulties?
S: ____? We understand you don't want a homicide investigation upsetting your students.
J: ____. I'd appreciate it if you'd look at me when you speak to me. I wear a hearing aid and I can read lips. You could have asked if I needed an interpreter.
S: I'm sorry. ____.
J: There are 152 students at my school. We live together, we study together, we eat together. We're a family. And Brian is dead.
W: Dr. Gilbert, we're just following protocol. We need to speak with Brian's friends; his roommates.
S: We'll also need access to his records.
J: The crime didn't happen here - it happened out there.
S: ____.
J: Neither am I, but there are more of you, right? Send someone else - someone with more understanding of this school of my students.
W: But we're here now, and evidence is time-sensitive.
J: How can you solve a crime without understanding the victim?
H: Um ... ____.

Anyone have a grudge against him I'm severely deaf, and I can communicate fine I didn't mean to offend you I'm not accusing anybody of anything she's kicking us out