Child Services





C: Is everything okay? You've been quiet all night.
W: Yeah, I got a call earlier today from Child Services asking about you and Lindsey.
C: I don't believe this.
W: __①__ - some investigation - that Eddie had made a charge or something.
C: Yes. ____. I never expected they were going to talk to my friends. Well, what did they ask? What did you say?
W: Well, I ...
R: Hello.
C: Hi. Sir, we're with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. We're here about a Paul Sorenson.
R: I'm Richard Zeigler. Cops told me you were coming. Here, please, come in.
C: Thank you.
W: Thanks.
R: Well, this is, uh where the Sorenson was displayed.
C: Sorenson is a painting.
R: Paul Sorenson was an artist. Early 1900s.
C: How dumb are we?
W: What's he know about the forensic analysis of a friction ridge?
C: Right on.
R: ____. I came downstairs to read and I heard a noise. By the time I got to the room, he was gone but the door was open.
C: Why don't we dust for prints?
W: Mr. Ziegler, one more thing. What about the security alarm?
R: ____.
W: You thinking what I'm thinking?
C: Oh, yeah. Inside job. So ... was it a disaster with Child Services?
W: Disaster? What do you mean?
C: Well, ____. Nobody knows that better than you.
W: Yeah, but you think I'd say that?
C: Well, not intentionally. They just, you know, know how to ask questions.
R: Are you finding anything?
C: We're working on it, sir.

They told me they'd notified you He's pissed off because I won't let him back into my life so he sics Child Services on me I think I may have surprised the guy while he was stealing it Somebody disengaged it my job does take me away from my daughter
CATHERINE: 你没事吧?你已经沉默很久了。 WARRICK: 我接到了从儿童组织那里打来的电话,是问及你和琳茜的事情的。 CATHERINE: 真不敢相信。 WARRICK: 他们跟我说他们已经对你进行了一些调查——埃迪好像是起诉你了。 CATHERINE: 是的,他只是想报复,就因为我没让他重新回到我的生活中来,于是他就向儿童组织举报我。真没想到他们会跟我的朋友说这个。他们还问什么了?你都说了些什么? WARRICK: 额,我…… RICHARD ZEIGLER: 你好? CATHERINE: 你好,先生,我们是拉斯维加斯犯罪调查组的,来这里是为了保罗.索伦森的案子的。 RICHARD ZEIGLER: 我是理查德·齐格勒。警察跟我说过你们要来的。请进来吧。 CATHERINE: 谢谢。 WARRICK: 谢了。 RICHARD ZEIGLER: 好了,这个,就是放索伦森的地方。 CATHERINE: 索伦森是一幅画。 RICHARD ZEIGLER: 保罗.索伦森是个艺术家,成名于十九世纪早期。 CATHERINE: 这还能说什么? WARRICK: 他根本不知道鉴证调查到底是干什么的? CATHERINE: 同意。 RICHARD ZEIGLER: 我想那个贼是被我惊动了,就在他偷画的时候。当时我要正下楼梯看书听到声音,当我走进房间的时候,他已经跑了,但门是开着的。 CATHERINE: 先取些指纹再说吧。 WARRICK: 齐格勒先生还有一个问题,这里的警报怎么了? RICHARD ZEIGLER: 被人拆了。 WARRICK: 你的看法和我的一样吗? CATHERINE: 是的,监守自盗。被儿童组织控诉会是一场灾难吗? WARRICK: 灾难?你什么意思? CATHERINE: 工作的需要使得我没时间照顾我女儿。这没人比你更清楚了。 WARRICK: 是的。你以为我跟他们说了? CATHERINE: 当然不是故意的,他们懂得……怎么来问你问题的。 RICHARD ZEIGLER: 你们有什么发现吗? CATHERINE: 我们正在调查,先生。