J: That's Dennis Fram's locker.
C: ____
J: Look, ____.
C: Well, that's obvious or a young man wouldn't be dead. Tell me what "stick" means.
G: Is that a Polymer Sensor Proboscis?
W: Cyranose 320. ____. They figure if it helps, CSI will buy one.
G: Electronic noses run like ten grand.
W: Yeah, well ... what if the shooter chews a certain kind of tobacco or has a unique halitosis and the e-nose picks up on it?
G: ____.
W: ____.
G: Our job is to think, Warrick. Machinery should never matter more than our mind. Try this ... Glass tube. Air pump ...
W: Air pump. Cost about ten bucks. Absorption agent?
G: Fresh out. Improvise.

And was this a first or has the deceased spray-painted his locker before I'm the school counselor I don't know every move these kids make Company sent it to me, gratis for a week If that thing ran out of here and bit the shooter in the ass, the county would not approve a $10,000 purchase order I thought it was our job to speak for the victim no matter what it took and to hell with the budgets