B: Eileen Jane Snow. Lady she carpools with couldn't get her to answer the door. Police broke in.
G: This is exactly the same as the last two.
B: Audrey Hayes ____.
G: Different M.O., ____.
B: M.O. is how he breaks in. Signature's what he does once inside.
G: Three or four overpowering blows to the head from a homemade weapon fashioned at the scene. Forces her to drink a mixture of sodium amytal as a chemical restraint. Overligature of the victim ... and an object rape. Then he strangles her. Ejaculates on the bedsheets. ____.
S: Damn it.
B: Sara.
S: Damn that guy.
G: Listen, ____.
S: ____, Grissom.
G: That's the pattern; it's a continuum. 
S: Guess he wants to get caught.
G: Signature killers never want to get caught. And they won't stop until they do.

was strangled in her basement and the other one ended up in a park but it's the same signature And as a final act of degradation he poses her like a pinup no emotions in here He's escalating