N: Here you go. Thanks, man.
V: Thank you.
K: Get your hands off me! Let go of me. You don't own me. Nobody does.
J: You're not going anywhere. You got that? Come on. Relax a little bit. Settle down.
N: Kristy? 
K: You don't own me, Jack. 
N: Kristy!
K: Nobody does.
J: I know, I know.
N: Hey. Back off.
J: Hey, ____.
K: Nick. I know him. He's a cop.
N: Crime scene investigator.
K: Nick, tell him to leave me alone.
J: Nobody tells me to do anything.
N: Hey, we going to have a problem?
J: No, officer, we're not going to have a problem. See you around, baby.
N: You okay?
K: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. That was good timing. Thanks.
N: ____.
K: Do you mind?
N: No. Come on.
K: Thanks. ____.
N: Not that it's any of my business but maybe you should think about changing careers.
K: Not every john is like that guy. Besides, I'm making a change. I'm going back to school.
N: Yeah?
K: I've always wanted to study communications. ____.
N: That's good.
K: You think so?
N: Yeah. Yeah.
K: Well, I'm going to go inside now. Unless, of course, you'd like to come in for a drink.
N: I don't think that'd be a good idea.
K: Come on. Just 'cause ____.

just mind your own business I suppose you need a ride Seems like every time we run into each other I'm getting into trouble I'm good with people you're a crime scene analyst you don't have to analyze everything
NICK: 这是给你的,谢了,伙计。 VALET: 谢谢。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 放开我!让我走!你不能控制我。没人能。 JACK WILLMAN: 你那也不能去,明白了吗?行了,放松。先冷静下来。 NICK: 克丽丝蒂? KRISTY HOPKINS: 你不能控制我,杰克。 NICK: 克丽丝蒂! KRISTY HOPKINS: 没人能控制我。 JACK WILLMAN: 我知道,我知道。 NICK: 嘿,往后退。 JACK: 嘿,还是管你自己的事吧。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 尼克。我认识他,他是个警察。 NICK: 犯罪鉴证部门的。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 尼克,快让他离开我。 JACK WILLMAN: 没人能命令我做任何事。 NICK: 嘿,我们都想找麻烦吗? JACK WILLMAN: 不,警官。我们都不想找麻烦。再见了,宝贝。 NICK: 你没事吧? KRISTY HOPKINS: 嗯,嗯,我没事。刚才都多亏你,谢谢。 NICK: 我送你一程吧。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 你不介意? NICK: 不,来吧。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 谢谢。我们好像每一回见面,我都会遇到麻烦。 NICK:这不是我的缘故,或许你应该考虑换一下职业了。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 这不是说换就换的。不过,我自己也在尝试改变了。我要回到学校去。 NICK: 真的? KRISTY HOPKINS: 我一直都想学交流事业。我很善于与人交际。 NICK: 那很不错。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 你也这样认为? NICK: 是的,嗯。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 好了,我现在要进去了。当然,你也可以到我家里喝一杯。 NICK: 这恐怕不太好。 KRISTY HOPKINS: 行了。虽然你是鉴证人员,但也用不着对任何事都先要进行一番分析。