M: Come on, Sky! Come on Sky. Sky, come on. Go get it, girl! Come on, Sky. Come on, girl. Bring it back. Good girl. That's not sky's stick.
R: What do you got there, Sky? Come here, girl. What did you get here?
M: Dad, what is it?
R: Nothing ... it's just ... uh, just an old bone probably from a dead animal or something.
G: It's a tibia ... or most of a tibia.
C: How long you think it's been out here?
G: Well, long enough for the animals to pick it clean.
C: And long enough for the elements to have washed away any evidence.
G: Evidence of what?
C: Well, it is a leg bone, and my guess is that ____.
G: ____. It's interesting to me how you always expect the worst.
C: You see, that way, I'm never disappointed. You know, sometimes I'm nicely surprised. So, can we call it a crime scene?
G: ____. Did you know that there's 206 bones in the human body?
C: Yes, professor, I, too, took Osteology.
G: Well, ____. ____.
C: Well, I feel it in every one of my 206 bones that this was a murder.

it didn't walk out here by itself It could have been a hiker who got lost Potential crime scene 205 more bones and we have a complete skeleton If we find the rest, then we can determine whether or not it was a murder
MATTHEW: 快点,小天!快点,小天。快去叼回来!快点,小天。 快点,乖女孩。叼回来,小天。好样的。这不是小天的棍子。 ROBB: 这是你从哪儿弄来的,小天?到这儿来。你叼来了什么? MATTHEW: 爸爸,这是什么? ROBB: 没什么……只是根……骨头而已。可能是动物之类的尸骨。 GRISSOM: 是根胫骨……或者说是胫骨的大部分。 CATHERINE: 你认为这骨头在这儿有多久了? GRISSOM: 这时间足够让动物把它舔干净了。 CATHEIRNE: 这时间还足够把所有的证据都被洗刷掉。 GRISSOM: 什么证据? CATHERINE: 由这根腿骨我得出的猜想就是,它不会是自己走到这儿来的。 GRISSOM: 这或许是某位迷失的徒步旅行者的。你老是会从最坏的角度来猜测。 CATHERINE: 这种猜测我可是从来没有失算过。而且结果往往超乎我的想像。现在,我们可以称这里为犯罪现场了吗? GRISSOM: 是潜在的犯罪现场。你知道人体骨架一共由206块骨头组成吗? CATHERINE: 是的,教授。我也修过骨骼学。 GRISSOM: 再找到另外205块骨头的话,就会拼成一副完整的骨架。要是能找到其余的骨头,那时我们就可以判断这是否是一宗谋杀案。 CATHERINE: 我觉得206块骨头中任何的一块都可以断定这是一宗谋杀案。