S: Nadine Winston falls asleep in that chair and incinerates. We can make history.
W: Oh, come on, now. ____.
S: No. Of course not. I'm a scientist. I just ... She has been reduced to ashes.
W: Come on, Sara. ____.
S: I know.
W: There's no such thing as a human torch.
S: What if it is real, and we've uncovered it?
W: Sara, this is a crime scene. Stay with me here, okay? Don't lose it.
S: I'm not. I'm just open to all theories.
W: What's that?
S: ____. ____. Weird. It's like the body burned, but ... the clothing was fire retardant.
W: Wow. Check that out.
S: ____.
W: It's as if the fire created a chimney for itself.
S: The victim - she live alone?
O: Husband's already at the station.

Don't tell me you believe in that bs Spontaneous human combustion is science fiction Looks like cotton fiber, possibly from a nightgown It's barely scorched Fire practically burned a hole in the roof but it's isolated in one spot
SARA: 纳丁·文斯顿在那张椅子上睡着了,随后自己燃成了灰烬。看来我们接手的案子,真是前无古人、 WARRICK: 哦,别跟我说你相信什么自焚的鬼话。 SARA: 我当然不会乱相信。我是名科学家,我只是……她已经成了灰烬。 WARRICK: 自燃现象只是科幻小说才有的事。 SARA: 我知道。 WARRICK: 没有什么“自燃体”之类的东西。 SARA: 但如果真有这现象,而我们发现了这一现象呢? WARRICK: 莎拉,这里是犯罪现场!要和我合作才行,明白吗?别忘了这点! SARA: 我没忘。只不过我肯接受任何理论罢了。 WARRICK: 这是什么? SARA: 好像是棉花纤维……可能是睡袍上的。才有点烧焦而已。奇怪了。人都烧成这样了……衣服难道还有缓释大火的作用不成? WARRICK: 哇。看看。 SARA: 火几乎把屋顶给烧穿个洞,但只是聚焦于那点。 WARRICK: 好像那火自行产生了烟囱一样。 SARA: 受害人是单身的吗? OFFICER ARVINGTON: 她丈夫现在已经在局里了。