E: Hi, Catherine. Somebody wanted to see you.

C: Hey, baby.

L: Hi, mommy. Daddy's taking me to dinner tonight.

C: He is?

E: Main room at the Orpheus.

L: They have lions and tigers at the restaurant and daddy said I can go to a show after.

C: Well, uh ... you know, honey, it's a school night so I need to discuss that with daddy first.

L: Come on, mom. It's just this one night.

C: Ed ...

W: Hey, Lindsey, I got some games on my computer. You want to see?

L: Sure.

W: Let's play one.

C: Uh, I'll see you in a bit, honey. __①__. Again.

E: How, by taking out daughter to dinner?

C: Get over here.

E: Oh, come on now! What?!

C: __②__.

E: What?! What?!

C: Just so pathetic.

E: Watch it, Cath.

C: __③__ 'cause I caught you robbing me.

E: The only thing I ever robbed you of was good sex.

C: No sex is worth you, and __④__.

E: Oh, they're whores? When I met you, __⑤__.

C: It was a job, Ed and it supported you, just like every job I've had including this one!

E: Yeah? And who paid to close up your nose?

C: You're such a bast...! Let go of me.

E: What?! I'll let go of you when I'm damn good and ...

G: Let go of her, Ed! Catherine?

C: Just get him out of here.

G: I don't want to ever see you in this building again. This is our place of business. You understand that?

E: I always knew you two had a thing.

G: Go home, Eddie.

E: Sure.

You set me up You are so pathetic Sucking up to our daughter you are not taking my daughter to a club with one of your music whores you were taking your clothes off in a strip club
EDDIE WILLOWS: 你好,凯萨琳,有人想见你。 CATHERINE: 嘿,宝贝。 LINDSEY WILLOWS: 你好,妈妈。爸爸今晚带我出去吃晚饭。 CATHERINE: 是吗? EDDIE WILLOWS: 我们去俄耳甫斯餐厅的大厅。 LINDSEY WILLOWS: 那里有狮子和老虎,爸爸说吃完饭我们可以去看秀。 CATHERINE WILLOWS: 嗯……宝贝,明天还要上学……我必须先跟你爸爸讨论一下。 LINDSEY WILLOWS: 妈妈,来吗,只是一晚而已。 CATHERINE: 埃迪…… WARRICK: 琳德茜,我电脑上装了些游戏,你想玩吗? LINDSEY WILLOWS: 好啊。 WARRICK: 跟我来,我们去玩游戏。 CATHERINE: 我很快去接你,宝贝。你又设局坑我。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 我怎样设局骗你?带女儿去吃晚饭就是吗? CATHERINE: 你给我过来。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 说清楚,到底怎么啊? CATHERINE: 你可真是条可怜虫。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 什么?!什么?! CATHERINE: 你就是条可怜虫! EDDIE WILLOWS: 你注意说话,凯萨琳! CATHERINE: 因为被我发现偷我东西,现在就想讨好我们的女儿。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 我偷过你什么东西啊,不就跟你搞过几次! CATHERINE: 你以为你自己算什么啊,我不许你带女儿去那些俱乐部,看你那些所谓音乐妓女的演出。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 怎么了?你是说她们是妓女?我认识你时,你不也在舞台上脱衣服吗? CATHERINE: 那是我当时的工作,埃迪。而我当时居然还要工作来养你,我每份工作都这样,甚至包括这份! EDDIE WILLOWS: 是吗?谁付钱给你整鼻子的? CATHERINE: 你这混蛋……!放开我。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 干吗?我爽的话就放开你…… GRISSOM: 你给我放开她,埃迪。凯萨琳,你没事吧? CATHERINE: 帮我赶他出去就好。 GRISSOM: 我不希望再在这里见到你。这里是我们工作的地方。你明白了没有? EDDIE WILLOWS: 我早就知道你们俩有一腿。 GRISSOM: 回家吧,埃迪。 EDDIE WILLOWS: 我会的。