S: You'll like this apartment. My wife says it's the best of the lot. ____.
N: Oh, my god. Call 911.
B: ____. Looked a lot like this. The lease is in the name of Clifford Renteria. ____. Gee, I wonder why.
G: For all we know, this is animal blood.
B: Yeah, sure. Deer, sheep, llama.
G: ____. Chops his game up into oven-sized pieces for the winter. I mean, what does he care? He's renting.
B: Victim's human.
G: ____. So, whoever the victim is ... is now dead.

Now, the tenants moved out kind of quick so I don't normally show apartments before I've had a chance to look, so use your imagination I worked in a slaughterhouse one summer He lived here with his girlfriend till they snuck out in the middle of the night A deer hunter comes home from the mountains drunk decides to play butcher clean his kill And a human has only eight pints of blood