N: Look, ____.
B: In what way?
N: You know why I fly first class? __②__? Because I can work. I have to work.
C: And he wouldn't let you?
N: No, he, he, he kept kicking the back of my seat with his foot. You know, like in a movie theater when somebody's kicking your seat? Imagine that all the way from Atlanta to Las Vegas.
C: ____?
N: Maybe not the entire flight. You know, like, like Dallas to, to Las Vegas. Hey, Pele, could you please stop kicking the back of my seat?
T: I wasn't doing anything.
N: You know exactly what you're doing. Stop it.
BRASS: What did you do?
N: I just ... ____. You know, ____. Look, ____. It was either the seat or him.
C: May I see your hands?
B: __⑦__.

the guy was a real ass Other than the fact that my company pays for it Are you telling me this guy was kicking the back of your seat the entire flight I ignored him I punched the seat a couple times in anger and that's it the guy set me off Your knuckles are pretty banged up
NATE: 唉,那家伙真是个混蛋。Look, the guy was a real ass. BRASS: 为何这么说? NATE: 你知道我为什么选择坐头等舱吗?除了我公司会支付机票这个​​原因之外,还因为在头等舱我能工作,而我必须工作。 CATHERINE: 他骚扰了你? NATE: 也不是,他,他,他一直用脚踢我座位的后面。你想象一下,就像你看电影时,有人一直踢你的凳子那样。 CATHERINE: 你是否说这家伙在整个飞行过程一直用脚踢你的座椅后背? NATE: 整个飞行过程倒算不上。但是,也起码...起码是从达拉斯到拉斯维加斯的距离。拜托,伙计,你能不能停下来别再踢我椅子后背? TONY CANDLEWELL: 我什么都没干过。 NATE: 你做了什么自己心知肚明。住手! BRASS: 你接下来怎样? NATE: 我……我没理会他。我只是气愤地狠狠敲了几次我的座椅,就这样。这家伙让我忍无可忍。不敲他的椅子就得敲他。 CATHERINE: 我能看看你的手吗? BRASS: 你的指节看来伤得不轻。