D: This came for you, Mr. Grissom.
B: What's this? ____? Yeah, well, hey, just a second. Wait a minute. ____, will you?
G: What are you worried about?
B: One minute, I'm eating tomato salad. The next ... I'm gazpacho. With any luck it'll be the next episode of G-String Divas.
F: My name is Frank Damon ... and I'm awaiting trial for the murder of ... my wife and son.
B: ____ - a few months ago. ____.
F: I didn't kill my family ... but my lawyer says the evidence is against me. I was a good father. I loved him. I would have given my life for Toby and Jeannie. They were my world. Mr. Grissom, you are my last hope. Please ... help me.
B: ____. Jail's full of them.
G: It only takes one.

An anonymous package from county lockup Give an innocent bystander a chance to clear out That's an arson case The D.A. is asking for the death penalty An innocent man
DELIVERY BOY: 这是寄给你的,葛瑞森先生。 BRASS: 这是什么?从国家监狱寄来的匿名包裹吗?嘿,等一下,等等,你是不是该让无辜的旁观者先离开? GRISSOM: 你害怕什么? BRASS: 首先喷出来的会是番茄酱。下一个就会是凉菜汤。没错的话,下一个会是一段G和弦的“小插曲”。 FRANK DAMON: 我叫弗兰克.戴蒙,我在等待审讯的开始罪名就是谋杀我的妻儿。 BRASS: 这是几个月之前的纵火案。检察官要求对犯人处以极刑。 FRANK DAMON: 我没有杀我的家人。但我的律师说所有证据都证明是我干的。我是一个好父亲。我爱他。为了托比和詹妮,我甚至会献出自己的生命,他们就是我的一切。葛瑞森先生,你是我最后的希望了。求求你,帮帮我。 BRASS: 自称无辜的犯人。监狱里到处都是。 GRISSOM: 这个除外。