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It seemed like a long ascent to the top. The mountain appeared barren, as though it had suffered through many years of arid climate. I had no idea why I was climbing this mountain. All I could recall was that I had been reading a fascinating article about climbing. But with my arthritis, how could I possibly make it to the top? Despite my confusion, I ascended the mountain. After what seemed like an hour, I stumbled across a small artificial structure. It was hidden behind large rocks. I was shocked to discover that it was an arsenal containing an array of antiquated armor and armament. All of it appeared to be hand-made, probably by a 17th century artisan. It was a bit scary, so I left quickly and continued my ascent. Further up, I ran into a man dressed like an aristocrat. He was articulating some kind of ancient arithmetic. His presence aroused my curiosity. I asked him what he was doing on the mountain. He rudely responded, “Don’t you know where you are?” What an arrogant man, I thought to myself. After what felt like another hour, I spotted a small cave. I found an old monk living inside. Foolishly, I offered him some wine. I should have known that monks practice asceticism. But he wasn’t offended. He simply smiled and said, “I am indeed an ascetic person.” I told the monk that I was tired and missed my home. “Open your eyes,” he whispered. “You are already home.” Suddenly, I begin to hear the sound of my favorite aria. I could sense the aroma of a familiar aromatic substance. It was followed by a familiar voice. “Wake up,” my wife said. “Here’s your coffee! You’re late for work.”
登上山顶的路好长好长。这座山看起来光秃秃的,似乎饱受了常年的干燥天气。我不知道自己为什么要爬这座山。我只记得当时我正在读一篇关于登山的精彩文章。但我患有关节炎,怎么可能爬上山顶呢? 糊里糊涂中,我开始登山。约莫一小时以后,我跌跌撞撞的走过一个藏在大块岩石后的小型人造建筑物。我愕然发现这竟然是个军械库,里面存放着全系列的古老的盔甲和武器。这里的一切似乎都是手工制的,很可能出自一位17世纪的工匠之手。这里怪恐怖的,我很快就离开了,继续我的攀登。 我继续往上走,遇上了一位穿戴类似贵族的男人。他正清清楚楚的讲着什么古老算术。他的存在引起了我的好奇,我便问他在山上做些什么。他粗鲁地回答道:“难道你不知道自己在哪儿么?”这个人真够傲慢的,我想。 又过了大约一小时,我反现了一个小山洞,洞里住着个老和尚。我竟然傻不拉叽的请他喝葡萄酒。我应该知道和尚奉行禁欲主义,还好他没有生气。他只是笑了笑,说道:“我是个真正的禁欲主义者。” 我告诉那个和尚我好累,好想家。“睁开你的眼睛。”他悄悄的说道,“你到家了。” 我突然听到我最喜欢的咏叹调,又问道熟悉的香料散发出的芬芳。然后,一个熟悉的声音说话了。 “醒醒吧!”妻子说道,“这是你的咖啡,你上班要迟到了。”