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I'm a big advocate of Christmas celebrations. It's still my favorite time of year. Although China hasn't adopted this special holiday, there's still hope. With the advent of Chinese membership in the WTO, Chinese people will be exposed to a number of Western holidays. My guess is that they will adore Christmas. My strong affinity for Christmas comes from my childhood days. In my hometown, we would prepare for Christmas by buying a big Christmas tree. If we were feeling a bit more adventurous, we would hike up the mountain and find one on our own. Adorning the tree is the next step. We'd use all kinds of adornment to decorate the tree, from pinecones and candy-coated angels to colorful Christmas balls and fake icicles. My dad was especially adroit at making small hand-painted ornaments. Since my dad's company was affiliated with a light bulb company, he was also able to bring home the most beautiful and colorful Christmas lights. After decorating the tree, we would make small gingerbread houses out of bread and candy. These houses were aesthetic but not edible. It was always advisable to keep these appetizing houses out of reach of young children. There is no adversity on Christmas day. Even the soldiers are adverse to fighting. Everyone is affable. Lovers are especially affectionate and they often show their affection by giving each other romantic gifts. Children usually receive toys as gifts. But my most memorable gift was not a toy. It was an aquarium, complete with an air pump to aerate the water. Raising all those fish was such an adventure for me. What is my favorite holiday? All of these wonderful thoughts lead me to affirm that Christmas is without doubt the best time of year.
我是圣诞节庆祝活动的坚决拥护者,一年中我最喜欢的日子仍是圣诞节。尽管它还没有被接纳为中国的特别节日,希望还是有的。随着中国加入WTO之日的到来,中国人将接触到许多西方节日。我猜他们会非常喜欢圣诞节。 我对圣诞节的喜爱源于童年时代。在我的家乡,准备过节时,我们会买来一颗高大的圣诞树。如果想来点冒险的,我们就会爬上山亲自找一颗圣诞树。下一步是装饰圣诞树。我们会用各种各样的装饰品来装饰它,从松果、包着糖果的天使到花花绿绿的圣诞球和假冰柱。我爸爸尤其擅长做些手工上色的小装饰品。由于爸爸的公司隶属于一个灯泡厂,他还能将最漂亮、最鲜艳的圣诞灯带回家。 装饰完圣诞树后,我们就用面包和糖果做些姜汁面包屋。这些小屋子只可用作美学欣赏,不能吃。因此,把这些小屋子放到孩子们可望不可及的地方向来是明智之举。 圣诞节没有苦难,即使是士兵也反对打仗,人人都是一团和气。恋人间更是洋溢着温情,他们常常互赠浪漫的礼物来表达爱慕。孩子们收到的礼物通常是玩具。但最让我难忘的礼物不是玩具,而是一个带空气泵、能通气的鱼缸。对我来说,养鱼真是一次冒险。 我最喜欢什么节日?所有这些美好的回忆让我肯定地回答:毫无疑问,圣诞节是一年中最美好的日子。