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oining the Peace Corp is an auspicious start to a career in the Foreign Service. Peace Corp volunteers perform charitable functions in developing countries under the auspices of the U.S. government. They primarily serve as auxiliary advisers or teachers. Most volunteers are average citizens just looking for a change of pace. Every volunteer receives a uniform. It's clean but far from avant-garde. You also receive a handbook. It's an authoritative manual for survival in your host country. The handbook contains some useful tips for staying out of trouble in a foreign country: 1. Always respect the authorities in your host country. 2. Don't authorize anyone to use your identification card. 3. When crossing a mountain pass in the winter, beware of avalanche conditions. 4. Be alert for possible attacks by terrorists trying to avenge a loss. 5. Make certain that anything valuable you buy is authentic. 6. Always authenticate large bills before accepting them. Some assignments are dangerous. You might be sent to a country with an autocrat for a ruler. You may need to work near an area where rebels are fighting to obtain autonomy. Some regions are already autonomous but are fighting to retain control. Most assignments are not dangerous. In my first assignment, I was sent to a small Latin American country to help build an automated water supply system. The only difficulty I had in that country was cooking for myself. It's too bad they haven't invented an automaton that can make breakfast in the morning. If you're available for at least a full year of service, you can apply to join the Peace Corp. Acceptance is not automatic. Perhaps at the end of your service, you will be able to write an autobiography of your adventures abroad.
加入(美国)和平队可谓外事生涯吉利的开端。在美国政府的支持下,和平队志愿者前往广大发展中国家执行慈善任务,主要是作为助理顾问或教师。大多数志愿者都是想改变人生步调的寻常百姓。 每位志愿者都会拿到一套制服。制服很干净,但远谈不上前卫。你还会拿到一本手册,这是一本教你在东道国如何生存的权威指南。 手册中包含一些关于如何在国外避免麻烦的好建议: 1. 始终不渝地尊重所在国的政府当局。 2. 不要授权任何人使用你的身份证。 3. 冬天过关隘时,小心雪崩状况。 4. 警惕恐怖分子为所受损失而可能采取的报复性攻击。 5. 确保所购买的贵重物品真实可靠。 6. 在接受任何大额票据时,一定要证明其真实性。 有些任务很危险。你可能会被派到一个由独裁者统治的国家。你的工作地点附近可能会有反叛者为获得自治权而奋起抗争。有些地区虽已取得自治权,但为掌握控制权仍在战斗。 大多数任务并不危险。我的第一个任务就是被派到一个拉美小国,帮助当地人修建自动供水系统。我在该国遇到的唯一困难就是得自己做饭。真可惜,他们没有发明能做饭的机器人。 如果你愿意干上至少一整年,就可以申请加入和平队。但申请并不意味着自动被录用。也许到你职业生涯的最后,你就可以写一本自传,描述你在国外的冒险经历了。