1shatter v. 打破

The glassshattered when it was dropped on the floor. 玻璃杯掉到地上后就碎了。

2 record n. 记录

I have to make sure the record is updated. 我必须确定记录已经更新了。

3 alike adv. 一样地

The kind boss treats everyone alike. 这位仁慈的老板对每个人一视同仁。

4 channel n. 海峡

The channel separates two countries. 这道海峡分隔了两国。

5 accomplishment n. 成就

His invention was quite an accomplishment. 他的发明是非常了不起的成就。

6 place n. 地位

Her painting put her in a high place in the history of art. 她的画作确立了她在艺术史上崇高的地位。

7 around the world 世界上

I’d like to travel around the world after graduation. 我毕业后想环游世界。

8 border n. 国界

They were near the border between Italy and France. 他们很接近意大利和法国边境。

9 sign v. 签名

He signed with the marker. 他拿麦克笔签了名。

10 INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces) n. 中程核力量

Any country that deploys INF would be considered radical. 任何部署中程核力量的国家都是激进派。

11 missile n. 导弹

These fighters are armed with nuclear missiles. 这些战斗机配有核导弹。

12 treaty n. 条约

The government has signed a treaty with Canada. 政府已和加拿大签订了条约。

13 daring adj. 勇敢的

Jimmy proved himself the most daring pilot. 吉米证明自己是最勇敢的飞行员。

14 by the name of 叫做

A man by the name of Tom has just called to say hello. 一个名叫汤姆的人刚刚打电话来问好。

15 relationship n. 关系

We must enter into a friendly relationship with neighboring countries. 我们必须和邻国建立友好关系。

16 beat v. 击败

I think Tracy can beat all the runners. 我想崔西可以击败所有跑步者。

17 treacherous adj. 诡谲多变的

The weather here is treacherous. 这里的天气诡谲多变。

18 withstand v. 抵挡

The walls can withstand flood. 这些墙可以抵挡洪水。

19 freezing adj. 冰冷的

It’s freezing outside in winter. 冬天外面很冷。

20 temperature n. 温度

The patient’s temperature dropped abruptly. 这位病患的体温骤降。

21 extreme adj. 极端的

She’s fascinated with extreme sports. 她迷恋上极限运动。

22 limit n. 限制

The government relaxed the limit on foreign immigration. 政府放松对外籍移民的限制。

23 inspire v. 鼓舞

His story of success inspired everyone. 他的成功故事鼓舞了每个人。

24 level n. 层级

We are taking our business to the higher level. 我们的事业更上一层楼。

25 bring together 重修旧好

They wanted to bring together the warring parties. 他们想促成敌对的党派重修旧好。



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