Unit 6 Anger Management 愤怒管理

I thought I was a calm and collected person until one day at the office when my anger got the best of me. I was in a meeting and I felt like I wasn’t being listened to. I felt that my ideas were being put down and people were interrupting me. I couldn’t take it and I shouted, “Listen to me!”

 My sudden outburst made the room go very quiet and I felt embarrassed. I definitely didn’t handle my emotions very well! Not long after the incident, a colleague of mine came to my rescue . She took me for lunch and gave me a book to read.

It was a book about recognizing your feelings so you can understand them and not let them control you. It gave me lessons to follow and some great advice . I feel I have come a long way. The other day my supervisor pulled me into her office and told me she recognized an improvement in my attitude. It felt great to hear this and gave me the encouragement I needed to continue working on myself.



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