Unit 7 The Right Girl for the Job 非她莫属

Two weeks before opening night, our lead actor had broken his ankle and couldn’t perform in the play. We had a big problem on our hands.

During dress rehearsal a background actor named Lauren,shyly spoke up and said that she knew all the lines by heart. She said that the play had been her favorite while growing up and that she and her grandfather used to act it out for fun.

She said she could stand in until we could find a man to take the role. It was difficult doing the scenes without an actor so we gratefully accepted her offer. As the days passed, we were so impressed by Lauren’s great acting that we decided we didn’t need to find anyone else. Lauren was very happy to have the role.

Lauren’s grandfather had been dead for several years, but in honor of him, she bought him a seat for the opening night. Throughout the performance, she looked at the empty seat and imagined her grandfather sitting in it with a big smile on his face.



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