[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 9 When was he born?
[00:04.41]SECTION A
[00:07.47]1b Listen and write the year the sports star was born under each photos.
[01:04.31]2a Listen and fill in the"How long"column in the chart.
[02:05.57]2b Listen again
[02:10.12]and fill in the "Started"and "Stopped" columns in the chart above.
[03:09.99]SECTION B
[03:17.85]2a Listen.Two people are talking about people they admire.
[03:25.43]Circle the words in the list in activity 1a that you hear.
[04:38.88]2b Listen again.Are these sentences about Midori or Laura?
[04:46.75]Write "M" or "L"on the lines.
[05:57.90]3a Read the article and fill in the chart.
[06:04.07]Li Yundi,the famous Chinese pianist,always loves music.
[06:10.44]He was born in 1982 in Chongqing.
[06:15.41]While still a small boy,he could hum songs and difficult pieces of music.
[06:22.35]He began to learn the accordion at the age of four,
[06:27.19]and he started to learn the piano when he was seven.
[06:31.73]In October 2000,
[06:35.28]LiYundi took part in the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition
[06:42.55]in Warsaw,Poland.
[06:45.89]He won the first prize in his group.
[06:49.86]He was also the first Chinese pianist in the 70-year history
[06:55.82]of the Chopin International Piano Competition to receive such an honor.
[07:02.37]Words and expressions in Unit 9
[07:11.73]record hiccup sneeze golf
[07:20.11]记录;最高记录 v. 打嗝 v.打喷嚏 高尔夫球
[07:28.50]Brazilian professional achievement talented
[07:38.08]adj.巴西的;巴西人的 adj.专业的;职业的 n.成就;功绩 adj.天才的
[07:47.67]loving outstanding unusual
[07:54.31]adj.慈爱的 adj.杰出的;出色的 adj.不寻常的;罕见的;独特的
[08:00.94]creative grandchild violinist skating
[08:10.17]adj.有创造力的 n.孙子(女);外孙(女) n.小提琴手 n.溜冰
[08:19.41]ice skating skater become(became,become)pianist
[08:28.73]滑冰 溜冰者 v.成为;变成 n.钢琴手
[08:38.06]hum piece accordion Chopin
[08:46.84]v.作嗡嗡声;哼唱 n.幅;篇;首 手风琴 n.肖邦
[08:55.61]Warsaw receive honor alive
[09:04.30]华沙 v.接受;名誉 n.荣誉;名誉 n.活着的
[09:12.99]athlete admire golfer table tennis
[09:21.76]n.运动选手;运动员 n.赞赏;钦佩;羡慕 n.高尔夫球 乒乓球
[09:30.54]enter university major major in
[09:39.27]v.加入;参加;进入 n.大学 v.主修;专研 主修;专研
[09:47.99]management single
[09:56.77]n.管理;经营 n.单打比赛