[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 7 How do you make a banana smoothie?
[00:04.99]SECTION A
[00:07.92]1b Listen and put the instructions in the correct order.
[00:55.14]2a Listen to Maria and Katie making fruit salad.
[01:02.41]Write the names of the ingredients under Now much or many in the chart below.
[02:11.08]2b Listen again.
[02:15.94]In the chart,write the name of the ingredient next to the correct amount.
[03:24.30]SECTION B
[03:31.67]2a Look at activity
[03:37.55]Listen and circle the words and that you hear.
[04:41.50]2b Listen again and write the ingredients in the order you hear them.
[05:47.27]3a Read the recipe.
[05:51.84]Write the ingredients under"Vegetables","Meat",and "Others"In the chart below.
[05:59.71]Super Chicken Sandwich
[06:03.15]First, put the mayonnaise on a slice of bread.
[06:08.33]Then cut up an onion and a tomato.
[06:12.87]Add these to the sandwich.
[06:16.24]Next,put some lettuce and the chicken slices on the sandwich.
[06:22.20]Put the relish on the chicken.
[06:25.65]Finally, put another slice of bread on the top.
[06:30.50]Words and expressions in unit 7
[06:39.67]smoothie blender yogurt turn on
[06:47.75]n.思木西 n.果汁机;搅和器 n.酸奶;酸乳酪 打开(电器)
[06:55.82]cut up peel pour put (put, put)
[07:03.29]切碎 v.剥;削 倾倒;灌;浇 V.放;放置
[07:10.76]ingredient how many cinnamon teaspoon
[07:19.18]材料;原料;成份 多久 n.肉桂 n.茶匙
[07:27.61]watermelon amount countable noun
[07:35.64]n.西瓜 n.总额;总数;数量 adj.可数的;可以计算的n.名词
[07:43.67]uncountable instruction bowl mix
[07:51.65]不可数的;不可计算的 指示;命令 n.碗;钵 v.混合;混在一起
[07:59.63]mix up popcorn popper sauce
[08:07.30]混合在一起 n.玉米花 n.爆米花机 n.调味汁;酱油
[08:14.97]crust oven mayonnaise turkey
[08:22.95]n.面包皮 n.烤炉;烤箱 n.蛋黄酱;美乃滋 n.火鸡
[08:30.93]slice relish lettuce sandwich
[08:39.20]n.薄片 n.调味品;佐料 莴苣;生菜 n.三明治
[08:47.46]bread add add ...to... top
[08:55.20]n.面包 v.加,增加;加添 把...回到..上 n.顶;上部
[09:02.93]recipe mustard
[09:09.96]n.烹调法;食谱 n.芥末;芥子酱