[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 4 How do you get to school?
[00:04.99]SECTION A
[00:07.92]1b Listen.Write the numbers next to the correct students in the picture above.
[00:34.56]2a Listen.Check(√)the kinds of transportation that you hear.
[01:24.01]2b Listen again.
[01:28.76]Match the time with the kin-ds of transportation in activity 2a.
[02:17.04]3a Read the passage and answer the questions.
[02:23.20]Lin Fei's home is about 10 kilometers from school.
[02:29.16]He gets up at six o'clock every day,showers,and has a quick breakfast.
[02:36.42]Then he leaves for school at around half past six.
[02:41.88]First, he rides his bike to the bus station.
[02:46.24]That takes about ten minutes.
[02:50.08]Then the early bus takes him to school.
[02:54.24]The bus ride usually takes about 25 minutes.
[02:59.59]SECTION B
[03:07.04]2a Listen.Check(√) the things that Thomas wants to know.
[03:34.88]2b Listen again.How does Nina get to school? Check(√)1 or 2 below.
[04:02.13]3a Read the article.
[04:07.09]Then read the statements about the article.
[04:11.22]write "T" (for true) or "F" (for false)
[04:18.30]How do students around the world get to school?
[04:24.54]In North America,most students go to school on the school bus.
[04:30.60]Some students also t walk or ride bikes to school.
[04:35.67]In other parts of the world,things are different.
[04:40.22]In Japan,most students take trains to school,
[04:45.39]although others also walk or ride their bikes.
[04:50.53]In China,it depends on where you are.
[04:55.29]In big cities,students usually ride bikes to school or take buses.
[05:02.37]And in places where there are rivers and lakes,like Hongshanhu and Kaishandao,
[05:10.73]students usually go to school by boat.
[05:15.98]That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus!
[05:21.93]Words and expressions in Unit 4
[05:32.20]subway take the subway train minute
[05:40.74]n. 地铁;地下火车 乘坐地铁 n. 火车 n.分钟
[05:49.28]It take sb. some time to do sth. kilometer how far
[05:59.21]花费某人....时间去做某事 n.公里;千米 多远
[06:09.14]quick leaver for half past
[06:18.12]adj.快的;迅速的 离开去某地 n.一半;半个 prep.经过
[06:27.11]bus station bus ride stop bus stop
[06:36.24]汽车站 乘汽车之行 n.车站 汽车站
[06:45.37]transportation north North America school bus
[06:55.40]n.运送;运输 n.北部的;北方的 北美洲 校车
[07:05.43]depend by boat must car
[07:14.65]v.依赖;依靠 乘坐小船 aux.必须;一定要 n.小汽车
[07:23.87]bicycle ill worry
[07:30.85]n.自行车;两轮脚踏车 adj.生病的;不健康的 v.担心;担忧;焦虑