[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 10 I'm going to be a basketball player.
[00:05.98]SECTION A
[00:09.46]1b Listen and match the items below.
[01:26.02]2a listen.What is Chi going to do?
[01:33.88]Check(√)the correct boxes in the picture.
[02:00.45]2b Listen again and fill in the chart.
[02:29.21]3a Read the diary and underline the things that Josefa is going to do.
[02:37.07]July 1 My dream job:When I grow up,I'm going to do what I want to do.
[02:47.65]I'm going to move somewhere interesting.
[02:51.78]Paris eounde like a city that I could enjoy.
[02:56.14]They have lots of fashion shows there,
[03:00.40]I want to be an art editor for a fashion show.
[03:05.73]so how am I going to do it?
[03:09.39]First,I'm going to find a part-time job for a year or two and save some money.
[03:16.52]Then I'm going to be a student at an art college in Paris.
[03:21.85]And I'm going to study economics at the same time.
[03:26.52]Next,I'm going to hold art exhibitions that will make me rich and famous.
[03:33.29]I'm going to buy a big house with the money
[03:37.44]and I'm going to trav-el all over the world.
[03:42.20]Finally,I'm going to retire somewhere quiet and beautiful.
[03:47.34]SECTION B
[03:54.92]2a Listen and circle the resolutions in activity 1a that you hear.
[04:53.17]2b Listen again.How are they going to make their resolutions work
[05:00.75]Write what they are going to do?
[05:54.01]3a Read the magazine article
[06:00.07]and make a list of the New Year's resolutions it mentions.
[06:05.32]New Year's Resolution Survey Results.
[06:09.89]We got over 1,000 letters,
[06:14.05]foxes,and e-mails from our readers about their New Year's resolutions.
[06:19.79]Thank you!
[06:22.85]Many readers are going to work harder in school this year.
[06:28.21]Lots of readers are going to play sports.
[06:32.36]Some readers said they are going to eat more vegetables.
[06:36.90]A few readers said they are going to learn a new language.
[06:41.55]Some girls said they are going to exercise more to keep fit.
[06:46.83]Some parents are going to study the subjects their children learn at school.
[06:53.00]They want to communicate better with their kids.
[06:57.67]An old lady said she found a job as a foreign language teacher.
[07:03.42]She is going to look for a teaching job in China next year.
[07:08.88]Words and expressions in Unit 1O
[07:18.44]programmer computer programmer computer science
[07:26.38]n.电脑程序设计人;程序师 电脑程序设计人;程序师 计算机科学
[07:34.32]engineer airline pilot airline pilot
[07:43.19]n.工程师 n.航空公司 n.飞行员;飞机驾驶员 飞机驾驶员
[07:52.06]somewhere sound like fashion show editor
[08:00.90]adv.在某处;到某处 听起来像 时装表演会 n.编辑
[08:09.74]part-time save college economics
[08:18.31]adj.兼职的 v.储存;储蓄 n.专科学校;学院 n.经济学
[08:26.88]at the same time rich retire journalist
[08:36.11]同时 adj.富有的;富裕的 v.退休;退职;退役 n.新闻记者
[08:45.35]yet resolution instrument reader
[08:53.58]adv.到此时;至今 n.决心;决心要做之事 n.器具;工具;乐器 n.读者
[09:01.81]keep (kept, kept) fit
[09:05.54]v.使保持某种状态 adj.强健的;健康的
[09:09.28]keep fit build (built, built)
[09:17.60]保持健康 v.构筑;建造;建筑