[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 1 How often do you exercise?
[00:06.69]SECTION A
[00:09.53]1b Listen and write the picture above next to the words and phrases below.
[00:50.10]2a Listen.Chung is talking about how often he does different activities.
[00:58.25]Number the activities you hear [1-5]
[01:41.33]2b Listen again.How often does Chung do the activities above?
[01:48.77]Match his activities with the number of times he does them.
[02:31.75]3 Read the magazine article.
[02:36.71]Use the information in the "Activity Survey"and "Vocabulary Key"
[02:42.77]to fill in the blanks in the article.
[02:46.61]What Do Students Do at Hilltop High School?
[02:51.76]Here are the results activity survey at High School.
[02:58.70]__students exercise three or four times a week.
[03:04.63]Some students exercise once of twice a week.
[03:10.09]__students exercise every day.
[03:14.95]As for homework,___ students do homework every day.
[03:21.01]__students do homework three or four times a week.
[03:26.68]__students do homework once or twice a week.
[03:32.14]The results for"watch TV" are interesting.
[03:37.29]__students watch TV once or twice a week,
[03:42.56]some students watch TV__ __ __ __ a week,
[03:48.21]but most students watch TV __ __.
[03:53.67]SECTION B
[04:01.03]2a Listen.Then circle your answer to each question.
[05:37.68]2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks in the survey.
[07:13.35]3a Read part of Katrina's letter to a pen pal and answer the questions....
[07:21.60]but I'm pretty healthy.
[07:24.94]I exercise every day,usually when I come home from school.
[07:32.10]And my eating habits are pretty good.
[07:36.36]I try to eat a lot of vegetables, usually ten to eleven times a week.
[07:43.52]And I eat fruit every day and I drink milk every day.
[07:49.16]Of course,I love junk food too,but I try to eat it only once a week.
[07:56.21]Oh,and I sleep nine hours every night.
[08:01.38]So you see , I look after my health.
[08:05.64]And it makes a big difference to my grades.
[08:10.29]Good food and exercise help me to study better.
[08:15.46]3b Now fill in the blanks in Paul's letter....
[08:22.52]and I think I'm kind of unhealthy.
[08:26.64]I hardly ever exercise, I eat__twice a week,but I never eat__.
[08:35.92]And I __ to drink __.
[08:39.76]Yuck! I love__ and eat it__ __ __ a week.
[08:47.31]So maybe I'm not very healthy,
[08:51.67]although I do have one healthy habit I __for __ every nitht.
[08:59.82]Words and expressions in unit 1
[09:09.49]how often hardly ever twice
[09:18.12]多久一次 adv.几乎不;几乎没有 adv.曾;曾经 adv.两次;两倍
[09:26.75]once time internet program
[09:34.93]adv.一次 n.次;次数 n.网络;互联网 n.节目单;(电脑)程序
[09:43.11]hilltop vocabulary key result
[09:50.84]n.山顶 n.词汇表,词汇 n.提示,线索,关键字 n.结果,成果
[09:58.57]as for translate song junk
[10:07.44]至于,关于 v.翻译 n.歌曲 n.废弃的旧物
[10:16.31]junk food milk interviewer habit
[10:25.33]垃圾食品 n.牛奶 n.采访者 n.习惯,习性
[10:34.36]eating habit of course look after difference
[10:43.03]饮食习惯 当然 照顾,照看 n.不同,差异,区别
[10:51.70]make a difference grade unhealthy yuck
[11:00.24]使...不同,有重要性 n.分数,成绩,年级 adj.不健康的,不益健康int.呸,啐
[11:08.79]although=though do skateboarding start with
[11:19.51]conj.虽然,即使,纵然 表强调(实义动词前) n.溜滑板运动 以...开始