[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 8 How was your school trip?
[00:04.78]SWCTION A
[00:08.25]1b What did Tina do on her school trip?
[00:14.21]Listen and circle the expressions in the box.
[00:51.67]2a Listen and check (√)the questions you hear.
[01:37.62]2b Listen again and circle"T" (true) or "F" (false).
[02:26.00]3a Read the article and correct the statements below.
[02:32.56]Class 9M had a great time on the school trip.
[02:37.60]They went to Blue Water Aquarium for the day.
[02:42.32]First they visited the Visitors' Center and watched a movie about sharks.
[02:49.30]Then they watched a dolphin show.
[02:52.96]After that,they went to the Outdoor Pool where there was a giant octopus.
[02:59.72]After lunch,they went to the Gift Shop where they bought lots of gifts.
[03:06.10]Finally, tired but happy, they took the bus back to school.
[03:13.15]At the end of the day,the science teacher was very happy.
[03:18.58]because the students cleaned the bus after the trip.
[03:23.31]SECTION B
[03:30.39]2a Listen.What did Tina and Tony do on their last day off?Check(√)Tony or Tina.
[04:33.87]2b Listen again.What did Tina and Tony say about their day off?
[04:41.52]Fill in the chart.
[05:38.60]3a Read the letter.
[05:43.04]Take notes off the things Nick did that day.
[05:47.79]Then write om or two sentences to give your opinion about the day.
[05:53.54]Dear Tony,How was your day off?
[05:58.22]Did you have fun camping?
[06:01.69]I didn't have a very fun day.
[06:05.74]I visited my cousins.
[06:09.27]It rained all day.
[06:12.64]In the morning,I stayed in the house and watched videos,
[06:18.28]played computer games, and read.
[06:22.15]In the afternoon,Uncle Martin put some of his old things out in the yard
[06:28.81]and had a yard sale!
[06:32.05]Unfortunately, it was kind of boring.
[06:36.72]No one came to the sale because the weather was so bad.
[06:42.08]See you soon, Nick.
[06:46.62]Words and expressions in Unit 8
[06:55.27]aquarium shark seal souvenir
[07:03.59]n.水族馆 n.鲨鱼 n.海豹 纪念物;纪念品
[07:11.91]else win (won, won) autograph visitor
[07:19.59]v.此外;别的 v.赢;获胜 n.亲笔签名 n.访问者;参观者
[07:27.27]outdoor giant octopus gift
[07:35.99]n.户外的,在户外的 n.巨人或巨物 n.章鱼 n.礼物;赠品
[07:44.72]end Chicago go for a drive take class
[07:53.74]n.结束;穷尽 n.芝加哥 开车兜风 上课
[08:02.77]yard yard sale unfortunately
[08:12.40]n.院子,庭院 庭院旧货出售;现在场旧货出售 adj.不幸的;倒霉的