[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?
[00:04.78]SECTION A
[00:07.73]1b Listen to the conversations and number the pictures[1-3].
[00:42.40]2a Listen.What are Hector,Sumi and Molly doing for vacation?
[01:20.77]2b Listen again.When are they going on vacation?
[01:27.33]Fill in the chart under "When".
[01:59.51]3a Read the conversation.Then fill in the chart.
[02:07.06]What are you doing for vacation, Ada?
[02:10.82]I'm going to Tibet for a week.
[02:14.58]That sounds interesting!What are you doing there?
[02:19.42]I'm going hiking in the mountains.
[02:23.07]How about you,Tony?
[02:26.13]What are you doing for vacation?
[02:29.97]I'm visiting my friend in Hong Kong.
[02:33.73]Oh yeah? How long are you staying?
[02:37.57]Just for four days.I don't like going away for too long.
[02:42.90]Well, have a good time.Show me your photos when we get back to school.
[02:49.56]SECTION B
[02:56.54]2a Listen.What does the reporter ask Vanessa Romero?
[04:08.40]2b Listen again.Write Vanessa's answers to the questions you checked.
[05:19.76]3a Read the magazine article.What are Pierre Lambert's vacation plans?
[05:28.44]Write the number of each picture next to the correct activity.
[05:34.37]Pierre Lambert's Vacation Plans!
[05:38.81]Pierre Lambert,the famous French singer,is taking a long vacation this summer!
[05:46.17]He thought about going to Greece or Spain,but finally decided on Canada.
[05:53.15]"I always take vacations in Europe," he said.
[05:58.01]"This time I want to do something different.
[06:02.66]I heard that Canada is beautiful,
[06:06.52]and I know there are many people there who speak French"
[06:11.38]Pierre is going to Canada's Great Lakes region.
[06:15.93]He is leaving the first week in June and staying until September.
[06:22.09]He plans to have a very relaxing vacation.
[06:26.82]"I'm taking walks(__),going fishing (____),and going bike riding (____).
[06:33.69]I'm hoping that the beautiful countryside will help me forget all my problems.
[06:40.22]At night, I'm renting videos (____) and sleeping a lot (____)...
[06:46.39]A no-stress vacation!I can't wait.
[06:51.95]I'll be a new man when I return to Paris!"
[06:56.63]Words and expressions in unit 3
[07:05.87]babysit at home Tibet HongKong
[07:13.80]v.临时受雇照顾(婴儿) 在家 西藏 香港
[07:21.73]how long get back San Francisca sports camp
[07:30.81]多久 回来 旧金山 运动野营
[07:39.89]Hawaii go bike riding sightseeing go sightseeing
[07:49.05]n.夏威夷 骑自行车旅行 观光,游览 去观光旅行
[07:58.22]take walks fishing go fishing rent
[08:06.50]去散步 n.捕鱼,钓鱼 去钓鱼 v.租用,出租
[08:14.79]plan take a vacation think about Greece
[08:23.42]n.计划,设计,筹划 去度假 考虑,思考 希腊
[08:32.05]finally decide decide on lake
[08:40.32]adv.最后地,最终 v.决定,下决心,解决 决定 n.湖,湖泊
[08:48.59]the Great Lakes region Countryside forget
[08:57.06]五大湖 n.地方,区域 n.乡下,农村,乡村 v.忘记,忘却
[09:05.54]a no-stress vacation return Paris go camping
[09:14.76]一个没有压力的假期 v.回来,归去,归还 巴黎 去野营
[09:23.98]tourist the Great Wall
[09:31.21]n.旅行者,游客 长城