[00:00.00]沪江网 Unit 2 What's the matter?
[00:04.18]SECTION A
[00:07.24]1b Listen and look at the picture.
[00:12.80]Then number the names[1-5]
[00:53.05]2a Listen.Match the problems with the advice.
[01:53.11]2b Listen again.Fill in the blanks.
[02:50.97]SECTION B
[02:58.34]2a Listen.What problems do the students have?
[03:04.87]Write the problems in the chart below.
[04:15.45]2b Listen again. Complete the chart.
[05:27.71]3a Read the article. Underline the things you should do.
[05:36.25]Healing foods,the Asian Way.
[05:40.79]Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of cooling yin
[05:47.77]and hot yang to be healthy.
[05:52.03]For example,are you quiet and often tired?
[05:57.30]It might be because you have too much yin.
[06:01.85]You should eat hot yang foods,like beef or lamb,to give you more energy.
[06:08.51]Eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this.
[06:14.88]On the other hand,
[06:17.94]people who are stressed out and angry might have too much yang in their lives.
[06:24.47]Chinese doctors believe that they should eat more yin foods,like torn,
[06:30.71]or bean sprouts.
[06:33.95]It's easy to stay healthy,and it's important to eat a balanced diet.
[06:40.61]3b Fill in the blanks in the article.
[06:46.49]Are you tired? Everyone gets tired sometimes.
[06:52.73]When you are tired,you should't__.
[06:57.59]You should__for a few nights and you should __to stay healthy.
[07:04.67]You should also eat__ and other healthy foods.
[07:09.71]You shouldn't__when you are tired.
[07:13.79]SELF CHECK
[07:21.16]2 Imagine that you and Sqally are on a student exchange program.
[07:28.52]Read her letter,then write back and give advice.
[07:33.59]Well,I hope you're enjoying my school in New York.
[07:38.63]I like your school in Beijing,but I'm not feeling very well at the moment.
[07:45.19]I'm tired and I have a lot of headaches.
[07:49.86]And I'm stressed out because my Mandarin isn't improving.
[07:55.32]I study late every night,sometimes until 2 am,but my speaking doesn't improve.
[08:03.87]I really need some conversation practice!
[08:08.41]I think I'm getting a cold, too.
[08:12.28]Oh, dear! But my host family is really nice. Yesterday they ...
[08:19.12]Words and expressions in unit 2
[08:28.87]matter arm back ear
[08:35.60]n.事情,问题,差错 n. 臂,胳膊 n.后背;背脊 n.耳朵
[08:42.34]eye foot head leg
[08:49.62]n.眼睛 n.脚,足 n.头,头部 n.腿,腿部
[08:56.89]neck nose stomach tooth
[09:04.12]n.脖子,颈部 n.鼻子 n.胃,胃部 n.牙齿
[09:11.34]sore have cold have a cold
[09:18.72]adj.疼痛的 v.得(病);患(病) n.伤风,感冒 患感冒
[09:26.10]stomachache throat toothache fever
[09:33.77]n.胃痛,腹痛,肚子痛 n.喉头,喉咙,咽喉 n.牙痛 n.发烧,发热
[09:41.43]lie rest honey dentist
[09:48.56]v.躺,卧,平放在某处 v.休息 n.蜂蜜 n.牙医
[09:55.70]water shouldn't illness advice
[10:03.27]n.水 =should not n.疾病,生病 n.劝告,忠告
[10:10.85]thirsty stress stressed out heal
[10:18.48]adj.渴的,口渴的 v.加压力于,n.压力 紧张的,有压力的 v.医治,治愈
[10:26.10]balance cool yin yang
[10:33.08]n.平衡,平衡状态,协调 v.使变凉,使冷却 n.阴 n.阳
[10:40.05]might beef lamb energy
[10:47.22]aux.v.可能,可以,允许 v.牛肉 n.小羊,羔羊,羔羊肉 n.精力,活力,能力
[10:54.39]Dangashen Huangqi herb on the other hand
[11:03.42]n.(中草药)党参 n.(中草药)黄芪 n.草本植物,药草,香草 另一方面
[11:12.44]life tofu bean sprout
[11:20.11]n.生命,人生 n.豆腐 n.豆,蚕豆,豆科植物 n.新芽,嫩枝
[11:27.78]bean sprout stray important balanced
[11:36.20]豆芽,豆萁 v.远离,走失,离题 adj.重要的,重大的 adj.平衡的
[11:44.63]diet get tired stay healthy backache
[11:52.91]n.饮食,节食 感觉疲惫 保持健康 n.背痛
[12:01.19]headache moment at the moment improve
[12:09.01]n.头痛 n.瞬间,片刻 此时,现在 n.改善,改良
[12:16.84]speaking get a cold homestay
[12:26.96]n.说话,口语 感冒,伤风 n.待在家里