[00:00.00]page 21
[00:19.10]More oral practice
[00:23.14]Listen and read
[00:26.70][ei] a baby favourite
[00:33.85]a-e grade space
[00:38.43]ai sail paint
[00:43.47]ay lay stay
[00:48.43]eigh eight weight
[00:53.11][ai] i pilot tiger
[01:00.68]i-e line white
[01:06.25]y fly sky
[01:11.21]igh light right
[01:15.68]ie die lie
[01:20.82]o no ago
[01:28.40]o-e those home
[01:33.36]ow show bowl
[01:37.80]ou out south
[01:45.46]ow how down
[01:50.13]m milk cream
[01:55.70]n night find
[02:02.25]ng sing ring
[02:08.63]n(k) bank thank
[02:12.57]n(g) hungry English
[02:17.12]tr tree try
[02:22.89]dr dress dry
[02:28.45]Listen and circle
[02:32.40]Listen and circle the words you hear.
[02:37.86]1.lake like
[02:43.42]2.name nine
[02:48.78]3.race rice
[02:56.33]4.May my
[03:01.39]5.close cloud
[03:08.55]6.grow ground
[03:13.70]7.know now
[03:18.77]8.show shout
[03:23.31]9. get gate
[03:28.48]10.let late