[00:00.00]page 31 Module 3 Places and activities
[00:03.10]第三十一页 模块三 安置和活动
[00:06.19]Unit 1
[00:09.04]A day at school
[00:11.91]Look and read
[00:15.99]Hi!I'm Wendy.This is my school.It's small!There are two floors.
[00:27.95]On the first floor.there is the office.There is the hall.
[00:35.50]There are some toilets.On the second floor.there are three classrooms.
[00:44.28]There are a hundred children in my school.
[00:50.44]There are twenty girls and sixteen boys in my class.Miss Hu is my teacher.
[01:01.91]There are forty desks and forty chairs in my classroom.
[01:09.85]There are four fans and six windows.There is one cupboard.
[01:18.99]page 33
[01:22.16]Look and read
[01:24.90]Every day there are seven lessons.This is my timetable for Monday.
[01:33.75]I like Monday.There are seven subjects on Monday.
[01:40.83]They are English,Chinese,Maths,Science.Music,Physical Education,and Art and Craft
[01:55.88]At ten o'clock we have our bread,I eat an apple,Then we have Science.
[02:05.02]At eleven o'clock we have Music.I like music.We sing and we play our recorders.
[02:15.47]At a quarter to twelve we have our lunch,
[02:18.06]在差一刻钟12 点我们有我们的午餐,
[02:20.64]Then we have Art and Craft,and Physical Education.
[02:26.39]I am painting a picture.It is for my mum's birthday.
[02:33.03]I go home at a quarter to two.
[02:37.75]page 34
[02:40.91]Look and learn
[02:43.66]I go to school by...
[02:47.92]bus,car, taxi, underground ,tram ,school, bus ,I walk
[03:01.86]Look and say
[03:05.63]How do you go to school?I go to school by school bus.
[03:13.88]kitty goes to school by school bus.I go to school by car.
[03:23.55]Peter goes to school by car.I go to school by taxi
[03:32.61]Eddie goes to school by taxi.I go by underground.
[03:40.97]Danny goes by underground I go by tram.Kally goes by tram.
[03:46.10]丹尼坐地铁 我去乘电车。凯丽去乘电车。
[03:51.24]I walk.Betty walks to school.
[03:57.19]page 35 Unit 2 Let's go shopping!
[04:00.17]第三十五页 单元二 让我们去购物!
[04:03.15]Say and act
[04:06.99]In the shop I want a new umbrella.This one's nice.It's too small.
[04:17.93]That one's big.Yes,I like that one.I want a new pencil case.
[04:28.09]This one's too dear.That one's cheap.
[04:34.55]page 36
[04:37.81]Look and learn.
[04:40.56]fifty yuan sixty yuan
[04:43.04]十五 元 十六 元
[04:45.52]seventy yuan eighty yuan
[04:47.93]十七 元 十八 元
[04:50.35]ninety yuan a hundred yuan.
[04:52.53]十九 元 一百 元
[04:54.71]Ask and answer
[04:58.06]How much money have you got?I've got eighty yuan.
[05:01.30]你有多少钱?我有80 元。
[05:04.54]How much money have you got?I've got sixty yuan.
[05:07.71]你有多少钱?我有60 元。
[05:10.88]page 37
[05:14.04]Say and act
[05:17.20]HAPPY TOY SHOP
[05:20.65]I like that ball.Which one?The big blue one.Excuse me!How much is that ball?
[05:26.99]我喜欢那球.哪个? 大蓝色的那个.打扰一下! 哪个球是多少钱?
[05:33.32]Which one?The big blue one.It's ninety yuan.
[05:39.85]Now listen!
[08:25.42]page 38
[08:28.26]Play a game
[08:31.03]Mrs Wang goes shopping
[08:35.40]T:Mrs Wang's in the supermarket.What's she buying?
[08:43.15]S1:MrsWang's buying some bread,
[08:48.51]T:What's Mrs Wang buying?
[08:53.05]S2:Mrs Wang's buying some bread and some eggs.
[09:00.32]T:What's Mrs Wang buying?
[09:04.68]S3:MrsWang's buying some bread,some eggs and some apples.
[09:14.03]T:What's Mrs Wang buying?
[09:18.71]S4:Mrs Wang...